Claire Betts

London Program Director
Originally from a small village farm in the East of England, Claire decided after college that she needed to see the world. After traveling to many places including parts of South East Asia, Europe and Australia, she knew eventually she would live in one of those places.
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What position do you hold at Global Experiences? What has been your career path so far?

I am the London Program Director and have been working for Global Experiences for almost a year now. I am responsible for all internship placements, employer liaison and ensuring every student has a fantastic experience whilst in London. I previously lived in Sydney Australia, where I was employed by an international college assisting students with immigration programs and career development. Global Experiences made it possible for me to make an easy transition back to London after nearly 4 years away from family and friends. They gave me the opportunity to work in a role that I feel passionate about, and to provide an internship program that I truly believe in.

What country have you always wanted to visit?

Travel has always been a passion of mine, and I am a fairly well-traveled individual. I still have a long list to work through though. South America is top of the agenda where I would like to complete the Inca Trail, as well as Machu Picchu. I plan to visit as many of the states as possible over the next couple of years, having spent many years on the other side of the world. The United States is also up there, and I am planning a trip to Florida next year where I will be visiting Orlando and Miami. When I lived in Australia, I met many locals who didn't have a passport. I understand why, as Australia is such a big country and so far from many parts of the world. Being back in London as really made me appreciate Europe, and I have traveled there more in the last 10 months then I had in years before. I think Berlin is my favorite city in the world.

What's your favorite ethnic dish?

My favorite dish has to be Prawn Pad Thai. I ate this in Thailand everyday when I holidayed there and have it at least once a week from my favorite Thai restaurant in East London. I also love spicy food, so another favored dish of mine is a good Indian Curry! I haven't been to India, but I have eaten some amazing food cooked by my friends and curry mile at Brick Lane! You can never beat your Mother's cooking though, and I like to take a trip back home as often as possible, timed strategically on a Sunday for a lovely roast dinner with all the trimmings.

What was your favorite traveling experience?

My best traveling experience to date is when I visited the Global Experiences office! It was my first trip to the States and it really lived up to all my expectations, and a whole lot more. I visited Washington DC and had a photo in front of the White House where there were real life snipers on the roof! I visited Annapolis, home of Global Experiences which was a beautiful city with beautiful people. Everyone was so friendly and couldn't do enough for you. I went on to New York where I was a complete tourist, taking photos of all the major landmarks and feeling like I was in a constant film-set. I love to shop (a bit too much) and I certainly did that, spending my first two hours in Manhattan in Macy's. I can not wait to visit again.