Alumni Spotlight: Dione Reece

Why did you decide to intern abroad with Global Experiences in London?

Dione: I decided to intern abroad with Global Experiences in London because after doing intensive research on their organization, I felt they were the right fit for me. After speaking with some of the representatives from Global Experiences, I felt very comfortable and knew that they would help me every step of the way. I asked a lot of questions because when it comes to my money, I want to know what I am spending it on. There was no question they would not answer for me and they didn’t get annoyed. I was assured that safety was their number one priority but also you were treated as an adult. Help was there even when I reached my designated housing residence in London. They ask you what you look for in a roommate and my roommate was exactly like me! They provide you with many Webinars that prepare you for your trip. They even show you how to create a proper resume, cover letter, and speak to employers.

What made this experience unique and special?

Dione: They are many things that made this intern abroad experience unique and special! I mean, it’s London, when you hear London it’s like hearing the big apple, you know immediately New York City and you get extremely excited! The people in London made the experience for me the most enjoyable experience of my life. There are so many different cultures, foods, clothing styles and personalities in London. If you stay open minded, and take each day there as if it’s your life, the history you will learn will astonish you.

I traveled every day while I was there, each day going to a new location, whether it was seeing the Houses of Parliament, broadways/musicals, all the museums, riding on the London Eye, London Aquarium, Buckingham Palace, Madame Tussads, Big Ben or just riding on the tube. My employer (my boss) was amazing! She always told me of places that I needed to visit and she let me take time off to travel! I was able to travel to different locations such as Germany, Paris, Scotland, and other places in England such as Brighton and New Castle. London is the perfect location to travel from to other parts in Europe. Best part of my trip: seeing Prince William and Duchess Kate right across the street from where I was living in London!

How has this experience impacted your future?

Dione:This experience has impacted my future personally by making me more independent. I am not afraid to travel to other locations on my own; actually I now prefer to travel by myself to Europe. I did a lot of research, planned all my trips, booked my flights and just went for it! Professionally, I can conquer any presentation, any challenge thrown my way and do it with confidence. Of course, I get butterflies but I know how confident I am so it kicks in as soon as I need it too. If you are opened to structural criticism and use advice as it’s thrown at you, you’ll become a better person. When you know your material and you’re confident, it gets much easier. If a challenge presents itself, I take it! Risks and challenges empower me as person. Academically, well this experience improved my multitasking skills. I can balance my time more efficiently now, and taking on a lot of projects is what I like to do.

What is one piece of advice you would offer someone considering interning abroad in London?

Dione: If you have the opportunity to go through Global Experiences for an internship in London, take it! But take advantage of the opportunity while you are there because it will only make the experience for you worthwhile. The experience like I always say is what you make of it, you determine the outcome. Get to know the people, eat all the food you can and don’t be afraid to travel on your own. London is actually one of the few places that you can travel to by yourself and feel safe. But be aware of your surroundings and bring some friends along if you’d like! Take plenty of pictures and create a blog! Try your hardest to embrace the weather, meet a new person every day, and believe me it really isn’t hard to do! If you like fashion, London is the perfect place to show it off, you may even inspire someone else to create your look. Most important advice: Try not to leave London with regrets!.