Staff Spotlight: Jack Fairhead

Branding and Design manager
Jack is the Branding and Design manager for InternChina, he is originally from the UK and has been on the team in Qingdao, China since 2012. Jacks’ love for China started with night classes in Chinese during his Finance degree. After graduating, he decided to travel to Beijing and teach for 8 months to see how he liked real China. After an amazing experience he arrived back in the UK and read a
‘Chinese business and management’ Masters which finally led to his Job with InternChina. He hasn’t looked back since!

Why is language learning and cultural immersion important to you?

Jack: Language learning and cultural immersion is important to me because I believe that students who learn from a culture personally can truly understand where China is coming from and change the way they view the world as a whole.

With an InternChina program you will not only be immersed in China culture but also surrounded by people from all around the world – Young, professional individuals like yourself who are all eager to share their culture and become business contacts for the future.

Its important for the student because employers today really value initiative and cultural awareness, having this experience on your CV will put you above your peers and at the very least will give you something interesting to talk about in an interview!

What unique qualities does your company possess?

Jack: Flexibility and transparency are InternChina’s main strengths. InternChina is different from other agencies because we don’t ask for a penny until we have placed you in a company of your choice and you are happy with all aspects of the program.

If you decide to cancel your program at any point before you sign the contract then we require no fees. This is a risky way to do business but we feel it is the best way to ensure the client is happy and gets the best match.

zhuhai park

Providing bespoke programs is also a unique selling point of ours; the duration and timeframe of your internship experience is totally up to you! You can come any time of the year which suits you and stay from as little as a month all the way to 6 months or more.

You can combine your internship with language classes in the mornings and also choose whether you want accommodation in an apartment with other interns or in a homestay with a Chinese family!

What do you believe to be the biggest factor in being a successful company?

Jack: You need to focus on maximizing the clients (interns) experience. InternChina has friendly international teams based in all of our destination cities. which means there is always someone available 24/7 to help if any of the interns have questions or concerns.

We also organize a dinner every Thursday and an event every weekend so that the interns can meet each other and also experience and see aspects of China they might not have done themselves. Things like mountain climbing, trips to other cities, kung fu on the beach etc.

All of our staff is young and has a passion for China and helping people. This is very important because it means we are very approachable and often end up being friends on a personal level with the interns.

qingdao china

What does the future hold for InternChina?

Jack: Lots of exciting new developments coming in the near future. We hope to strengthen our bond with the British government and continue to provide great experiences for the Generation UK scheme. We are just about to launch our new GoChina program which is a trip for 16-18 year olds held in Summer.

It will involve 1 week traveling and sightseeing in Beijing and 3 weeks in Qingdao learning from Chinese and culture classes, combined with business seminars, trips to Chinese factories and lots of fun! InternChina has now established itself in 3 beautiful cities in China but will expand to another country very soon.. watch this space!