InternChina | Internships in 4 unique cities in China!
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InternChina | Internships in 4 unique cities in China!

This program is for interns who are looking for a placement company and accommodation. We arrange internships in three exciting cities in China (Qingdao, Chengdu, Zhuhai and Dalian) across wide range of industries from logistics to design to engineering. The placement can be combined with Chinese language classes and you can choose between a shared intern apartment or a homestay with a Chinese family for your accommodation. Throughout your time in China you’ll be part of the InternChina family, with 24 hour on site support and regular events & trips. Tailored to you, the internship program can start any date which suits you and can be any duration from one to six months!

  • Based in Qingdao, Chengdu and Zhuhai...go somewhere different! We are based in some of Chinas most beautiful, livable and exciting cities which offer you the opportunity to gain professional experience, cultural immersion and beyond the CV insigh
  • Hundreds of partner companies in each city allow you to choose from placements in large multinational companies for the experience, to large Chinese firms for the cultural insight, all the way to small startup companies for the business environment know-h
  • 24 hour on site support from an international team. Each city has a group of friendly InternChina staff who will pick you up from the airport, orientate you with the city, accommodation and your host company. You will be integrated with the other interns
  • Flexibility - YOU can choose when you want to start the program and when you would like to finish! Fit it around your studies and make the most out of your holidays! You can come from as little as a month to six months!
  • Tried and tested - Since establishing in 2007 we have placed over a thousand interns and still keep in touch with most of them! After your internship you will be invited to our extensive alumni network where we will share job vacancies and help you to sta
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- Generation UK funded placements are available for current students in the UK
- Everything is included in our price; pre departure help, visa instructions, a welcome package, sim card, orientation, weekly events etc.. the only aspect not included is your flights!
- Please take a look at our scholarships page on our website to see if you're eligible!
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This is the internship experience you want in China

I signed up for a 12-week internship in Zhuhai, China through Internchina beginning in May, 2015. The interview process was great as I got to meet my future boss and learn about the company.

I paid my deposit, signed a contract and was placed all within 3 weeks in February, 2015. There was a bit of a delay with the invitation letter required for the travel visa, but I did receive it in time. There was enough communication throughout the whole process that I felt taken care of.

Upon arriving in China, I was introduced to the office manager Paul Bailey and his staff at the Zhuhai office. They were very friendly and accommodating and the social atmosphere was exactly what you would want in a completely foreign place with no English. There were a few issues with the apartment upon move-in, but they were corrected quickly without hassle.

The amount of flexibility and latitude I had at my placement company is what really set this internship apart. I was given the ability to make decisions, changes, and rearrange things to improve the operations of the business in a meaningful way. I got a wide breadth of hands-on experience and was able to travel with the company to other parts of China to inspect operations there. It was an incredible experience. Internchina constantly provided support and activities to make the experience enjoyable. My girlfriend stayed with me (not as an intern) and they were more than accommodating to her as well.

I had some pretty bad experiences with other internship companies in the past but Internchina was outstanding. I highly recommend an internship placement with them.

How can this program be improved?

Invitation letter should be sent sooner, and the apartment should be inspected by foreign staff, not Chinese.

Yes, I recommend
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What am I supposed to write here??

Having taken the full monty including an internship in a marketing segment as well as daily Chinese courses with fantastic teachers, and living with an incredibly nice local Chinese family, I had three of the greatest months of my life in Zhuhai!
The support is just as superb as IC claims, with an unbelievably nice and motivated team whom it was always a pleasure to visit and party with. But not only did I greatly benefit from the social life offered in Zhuhai, if you are a little dedicated to actually learn some serious Mandarin there, I can only tell you this: after less than three Months I was able to haggle any price like a local while being constantly asked, why I look so much like a foreigner ;)

How can this program be improved?

This program gave me everything I could have wished for and more. The only thing I could have done to improve the experience would have been staying for a longer time.

Yes, I recommend
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Internship in Zhuhai

I completed two engineering internships in Zhuhai, one in a German company and one in a Chinese company. It was a great expereience to see the difference between these two cultures doing business. Btw Zhuhai is a nice city with an awesome beach and islands around, also beautiful sceneries and big citys like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau are not far away.

I heard many horrible things about internship agencies, but InternChina is not one of these. They offered the whole time - 24 hours a day a great service with many activieties like dinner or trips to nice sceneries on weekend. Also the apartments are nice and clean. I made great friends with people from all over the world.

It was actually the best experience in my life!

How can this program be improved?

It is hard to find some points to improve, the service is perfect. But the price is a little too high for normal students. Maybe some more cultural activities.

Yes, I recommend
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Serious but fun agency

I had already found a company for my internship when I contacted Internchina. They helped me to get my visa and provided good advice for accommodation (I decided to find it by myself).

Their offer will suit anyone who wants to get some work experience in China without worrying too much about the paper work and apartment search.

Prices are quite high but I guess if you want to intern in China you don't really have the choice (you basically have to go through agencies like this). At least the team behind it is nice, serious and always available. They also organize all kind of events during the week (dinner, visits, activities...) which is a great.

I cannot give any feedback on the internships they offer since I found mine before I contacted them. The other interns I met never complained though.

How can this program be improved?

As a student I would say they may want to lower their prices...

Yes, I recommend
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A great opportunity I will never forget

I have interned both in Chengdu and in Qingdao, getting to know both cities and making friends from all over the world. Both of which are cities I would happily live in for longer if I could!

Working here has not always been easy, but other the IC staff have been so kind in their support to me and it has given me a fantastic chance to grow professionally.

Not only have I learned a lot about many different aspects of conducting business in China but I have also managed to improve my spoken Chinese.

Yes, I recommend
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Sales & Marketing Internship

I have been working at the InternChina office in Qingdao in the Sales and Marketing Department for 3 month now and I´m very happy with the agency´s services. Qingdao is a very nice and modern city, the people are nice and the internship tasks are very useful for my studies. I´m really enjoying my time with InternChina and can recommend this company to everyone who is interested in gaining work and life experience in China.

Yes, I recommend
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Homestay with Internchina

In 2009 InternChina arranged a home stay with a Chinese family in Qingdao for me. It was the best time in my life, homemade Chinese food and practicing Mandarin Chinese outside the classroom.
I've met plenty of like minded people: other foreign students who were interested in learning about the Chinese culture and Chinese people learning about western culture and introducing their country to us.

The Internchina staff was friendly and very helpful, whenever I had some communication problems with my family they Would explain me more about Chinese culture or jump in for me and talk to them directly. I always felt well taken care of!

After this amazing time, I returned in 2011 and stayed another three years in China! Way to go, InternChina!

Yes, I recommend
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Amazing Once in a Life Time Experience

I had an Internship in Chengdu and it was an intresting experience dealing with a new unfamiliar language and culture. However, the Chengdu InternChina office was extremely helpful and the social community was a great support. Every Thursday there was an organised evening dinner at amazing resturants and on the weekends there were orgainsed trips and events.

I had the pleasure of learning a new language, adapting to the Chinese culture and most importantly gained amazing friends and professional contacts during my internship in Chengdu. It is an program I would recommend everyone to do!

How can this program be improved?

This program is great because you gain your professional chinese work collegues as well as friends who are fellow interns. However, it would be intresting to see more events which bring the chinese community and foreigner communities together.

Yes, I recommend
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Learn a lot and make great friends

I did an internship at the IC office in Chengdu for 3 months and then another 2 months internship in another company. I was welcomed into the team really quickly and made great friends that I still keep in touch with now. The staff from the other offices were also really nice, we communicted daily online. The IC staff are all young and highly committed people who take their job seriously, but also know how to have fun. They help you out with any problems and you can always talk to them if you are unhappy with your placement and anything else. In the worst case they will even help you find a new company. As part of the office interns I liked that I was given a lot of freedom to focus on tasks that I like and that I'm good at. I felt this experience was very valuable in finding out about my own strengths and my future path and I am happy I got this chance.

How can this program be improved?

I noticed that the Chinese staff in the company is sometimes treated differently from the international staff. I know that there is a difference in culture and working, but as this is an international company I really wish they would treat their staff equally.

Yes, I recommend
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Internship in Chengdu

I am currently doing my internship in Chengdu. I have been here for only 1 month and I have acquainted myself with almost all the aspects of my internship. There is so much diversity that no day is the same. There are great people that support me around the clock. Chengdu is a great and bubbling city to live in. I can recommend InternChina to all people who are willing to come to China and have a unique and great internship!

Yes, I recommend
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Chengdu Internship - led to career start!

I completed an internship in June 2013 as part of my masters degree, during the time I met a variety of business professionals, had alot of fun learning new skills and also made contacts which helped me find a job in Chengdu.

InternChina offered a professional service - going the extra mile to help me settle in and when I needed them - they were there. It was a great experience and one which led me onwards towards my career goals and aspirations in China!

Yes, I recommend
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Internship in Chengdu

Because InternChina specialized to place people from all over the world in China, they have a good knowledge of how to help within a completely different culture and working-environment. That helps you especially if its your first time in China.
I needed to be flexible with my internship dates, what is difficult if you apply directly at companies. Most companies just take Intern who are willing to stay at least half a year. Thanks to InternChina it was possible for me to apply for a flexible three month short-term internships.
It is also better for your experiences to stay in a less developed city in China like Chengdu, Zhuhai or Qingdao. Here you get a better understanding how China and chinese culture is like. InternChina helped me with different events to explore the Chengdu city life and trips to the beautiful country-side.

Yes, I recommend
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Internship in both Qingdao and Chengdu

Last year I had the great opportunity to do an internship at the IC office in both Chengdu and Qingdao. I am very glad that I had IC's support during my stay in China. Their help does not only begin with the official start of the internship but way before, since day one of my application. During the week the staff always replied me within 24hrs and helped with the VISA, matching, accommodation ect.
One of the greatest things about my internship is that I had the chance to work in two very different cities. I couldn't decide between them since I've never been to any of those places, but I also didn't wanted just to travel but to work in a firm and improve my marketing and business skills. Thus I received the opportunity to work in both of them, one month in Chengdu and two months in Qingdao. Those three months in China became one of the best summers ever!

Yes, I recommend
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From a former InternChina intern in Zhuhai!

I interned at the IC office in Zhuhai during the first semester of 2013. It was my first time living in China and I'm glad that I did it through InternChina. Not only did it help me strengthen my professional skills, but I also made great friends and got to visit some of the most beautiful places that China has to offer. I would say the best attribute about InternChina is their 24/7 support to interns, given that China has very different customs to the West and the language can be tricky. It made me feel so much safer and more able to enjoy my time there.

Yes, I recommend
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Loved Qingdao

I did a marketing internship in Qingdao this year. Qingdao is a great place to live in, the proximity to the beach and the rich bear culture makes it a great location to spend your summer. Beijing and Shanghai are not that far either so I went there for a weekend trip.

The InternChina staff was really helpfull, they picked me up from the airport even though it was like 12pm. They showed me around and helped me adjust to the city (Thanks guys). I would have proably been completly lost without them.

Yes, I recommend

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