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Imbued with boundless history and unmatched landscapes, Jordan’s reputation certainly precedes it. A powerhouse of economic growth and development, Al-Urdunn is rapidly emerging as one of the most attractive retail markets in the world, and the most developed Arab market outside the Gulf states -- all of which make Jordan an attractive destination to learn Arabic abroad.

With strengthening international commerce and trade agreements with the United States and European Union, the nation has surfaced as a hotbed for those looking to verse themselves in one of history's oldest and most influential languages -- Arabic.

From economics to architecture, Jordan’s unequivocal presence on the world stage should not be understated. Home to one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, the nation boasts an unprecedented wealth of history, evocative of the Roman Empire and Nabataean kingdom. With a budding cultural hub and social scene to boot, it’s hardly surprising the Middle East’s hidden pocket has become the go-to destination for international travelers.

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With 293 million native speakers worldwide and over 30 regional dialects, it is imperative that students assess their personal and professional goals when selecting a language program. From field-based immersion and home-stay courses to intensive semester-long university programs, learning Arabic is not for the faint of heart!

University courses

As with many language programs, tertiary courses provide the most structured option for participants. Though a multitude of study levels are offered for beginners through to monolingual masters, course loads are often intensive, and require enrollment in a long-stay university program. Travelers are advised to contact their home institution for additional details and scholarship options.

Immersion programs

Summer/semester programs offer travelers a myriad of opportunities to learn Arabic in customized field-based settings. Immersed in an Arabic-only environment, course loads are dictated by a combination of classroom instruction, group excursions and home-stay experiences. Though oft less intensive than tertiary-based programs, expenses can run as high as $10,000 USD.

Trials and tribulations, challenges and triumphs -- a trip abroad will illicit it all! Be it costs, duration or language prerequisites, travelers must weigh up their options when selecting the right language program for them.


Whether you’re stumbling through introductions or have the eloquence of a poet, Jordan offers a diverse range of language programs for prospective students. Be aware -- Arabic is not for the faint of heart! Though university-based and external classes tailor to both new and advanced learners, course loads are often intensive and require a long-stay program (8 week - 1 year).

Cultural Immersion

Bordering Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria and Israel, Jordan is a melting pot of culture - an ideal location for any language learner! Whether you’re trekking the Wadi Rum, raving by the Dead Sea or unwinding in Ma’in's world renown hot springs, travelers are never too far from a piece of history. Summer students should take advantage of the annual Jerash Festival -- a nine day celebration and synthesis of commerce, art, and culture!

Though arguably cheaper than some of its continental counterparts, the Jordanian capital of Amman is currently ranked the fourth most expensive Middle Eastern city to live in (with home stay programs running as high as $10,000 USD!). While metropolitan regions will invariably offer a greater variety of language programs, travelers pinching pennies should consider learning in a smaller town, or forgoing extra language classes.


The Building Bridges AMBergh Education Scholarship is awarded to students who strive to contribute in the building of understanding between regions, countries, cultures and religions.

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