Arabic Language Schools in Lebanon

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Arabic Language Programs in Lebanon

Arabic Language Schools in Lebanon


Like most variants of Arabic, Lebanese Arabic differs from standard Arabic. Lebanese tend to mix French, English, and other languages into their daily conversations

However, if you choose to learn Arabic in Lebanon, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy a unique mix of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean culture, spend hours sipping tea in cafes, or nights out enjoying Beirut's nightlife. An eclectic melting-pot of culture, cuisine and everything in between, the Lebanese Republic is an unparalleled destination to learn one of histories oldest languages.

At the same time, it's important that you keep tabs on the security situation in Lebanon before traveling there. The US Department of State and UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office recommends against all travel to some areas and against all non-essential travel to others. Please check with your relevant national government for more information.

Course Types

Independent language institutions, though often more expensive than their university based counterparts, afford students across all ages and linguistic levels the opportunity to study Arabic.

Arabic learners are typically given the option to choose from long-stay intensive programs to certification courses, as well as between studying Lebanese Colloquial Arabic or Modern Standard Arabic, dependent on their respect goals.

Where to Go


From ruins to rejuvenation, Lebanon’s once-tempestuous capital has rapidly emerged as an economic powerhouse, and is now listed as the world’s 20th best city, ahead of Paris, Venice and Barcelona. A fulcrum of culture and cuisine, this quaint medley of old and new offers an unparalleled insight into life in the Middle East.

Whether you’re gazing upon colonial relics, exploring some of Gemmayzeh’s best kept secrets, or indulging in a cocktail to rival Soho, students are never short an opportunity in Beirut!


Dubbed the ‘Sun City’ of antiquity, Baalbek’s reputation as a world wonder certainly precedes it. One of the finest examples of Imperial Roman architecture at its apogee, Baalbek boasts a wealth of historical monuments, including the Baalbek Ruins, Temple of Bacchus, and the Great Mosque. With a budding social scene to boot, the city is an ideal location for travelers looking to explore Lebanese language and culture.


At the helm of Lebanese nightlife, Jouneih is a popular summer destination for expats across the globe. A once placid fishing village, Lebanon’s post-civil war movement has seen the city emerge as an effortless dichotomy, combining Rue Mina’s old school charm with the glitz and glamour of Rue Maameltein. Though ostensibly lacking the historical prestige of its counterparts, Jouneih is nonetheless a destination worth considering.

Planning Your Trip

Is it safe to learn Arabic in Lebanon?

Please note though -- The Department of State and UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office urges citizens to avoid all travel to Lebanon because of current safety and security concerns.


Whether you’re stumbling through introductions or have the eloquence of a poet, Lebanon offers a diverse range of language programs for prospective students. Though university-based programs generally require a language prerequisite before entry, independent institutions offer a broad range of programs catering to both new and advanced learners.

Cultural immersion activities

Birthed from a multitude of civilizations dating back to the Roman Empire, Lebanon maintains a rich cultural identity, steeped in religion, art and cuisine. Ranked number one for nightlife in the Middle East and 6th worldwide, the nation is home to an abundance of international food, sport and music festivals.

Costs & Funding

Financial Costs

Though Beirut is currently listed as the most expensive city in the Middle East, you certainly get what you pay for! For travelers pinching pennies, studying in smaller towns, foregoing extra language classes and local conversation exchanges provide a great way to learn Arabic without breaking the bank!


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