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English Language Programs in England

English Language Schools in England


From the Roman remnants of Hadrian’s Wall to the Gothic decor of the Westminster Abby, ‘Ye Olde England’ is a living testament to its eclectic past. A seamless medley of iconic names, ancient history and hidden gems, the home of The Beatles revels in its polarity — after all, where else in the world can you find bohemian art cafés and drink up dives a block away from the Battle of Hastings? Whether you’re travelling through time at Blenheim Palace, reposing across the Brighton Pier, or indulging in one of the countries many culinary delights, there’s something for everyone in the heart and soul of Europe!

This page has everything you'll need to get started. Read our expert guide to finding an Language School in England. Then read reviews and choose a school from the list below. You'll be well on your way to becoming fluent in English!

Course Types

Trials and tribulations, challenges and triumphs - a trip abroad will illicit it all! Be it costs, duration or language prerequisites, travellers must weigh up their options when selecting the right language program for them. Here’s everything you need to know about learning English in England!

With over 300 languages spoken throughout England, Europe’s multilingual melting-pot offers a multitude of language programs for those of any skill level. While cultural immersions and study abroad semesters will have you walking the walk and talking the talk, short-stay crash courses and day classes are also on offer! It is imperative for travellers to assess their person, professional and academic goals when selecting a language program.

Program types
  • University courses: University courses provide the most structured option for participants, with a multitude of institutions across the country offering international study abroad and academic exchange programs. Please note — an intermediate level of English will be required before arrival, and concrete requirements and accreditations differ between institutions.
  • Group programs: From intensive courses to day classes, group programs provide a wealth of opportunities for students pinching pennies. Though ostensibly cheaper than its university-based counterpart, program prices run the gamut, ranging anywhere from $230 USD per week to well over $7000 USD. Courses will differ in length and cost between institutions. Consider the number of course hours offered each day and your language goals to determine if a program is right for you.
  • Private tutoring: Private tuition offers the most flexibility to travellers looking to combine education with fun, with classes offered alongside (or independent of) additional studies. Despite its repute of breaking the bank, local tuition sites such as WyzAnt and and Personal-Tutors offer affordable classes for as little as $15 USD per hour!
Cultural Immersion/Extracurricular Activities

Boasting a diverse cultural heritage steeped in European tradition and folklore, England certainly offers bang for your buck. Home to a string of dynamic celebrations such as the Cheltenham Folk Festival, Big Dance London, and the Liverpool Food and Drink Festival, travellers are never short an opportunity to immerse themselves in the English lifestyle! Make sure to try one of the nations famed ‘Full Breakfasts’, comprised of fried egg, sausage, white and black pudding, bacon, mushrooms, baked beans, hash browns, toast, and half a tomato!


London, England

An effortless melange of historic splendour and urban hubs, it’s no coincidence that London is listed as the second most visited city in the world! Embodying a distinct provincial charm felt from the grandeur of West End to the sullied pubs of Fleet Street, there’s more to ‘the Old Smoke’ than meets the eye. Indeed, behind the hustle and bustle of Trafalgar Square and the galling calls of street vendors lies some of histories most iconic sights. From the world renown Abbey Road, to Charles Dickens former watering-hole, travellers are only ever but a footstep away from uncovering a piece of history.

Liverpool, England

Roistering football fans and inimitable history aren’t two things one would expect to be concomitant — unless, of course, you’re in Liverpool. Boasting historical quarters to rival that of Venice and an eclectic cultural hub embraced across the globe, the ‘Scouser City’ has defied its hackneyed reputation, emerging as one of England’s premier tourism destinations. From St George’s hall to The Beatle’s Museum, students looking to explore England’s rich history, language and culture are in for a treat!

  • Check out the crowd: There are approximately 53 million people residing in England!
  • Did you know: French was the official language of England for around 300 years!
  • School’s out, let’s have some fun: From the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace to Trafalgar Square and Windsor Castle, travellers are never short an opportunity to experience the wonders of England!
  • Wow others with an idiom: “Cheap as chips” - said if something is very inexpensive.


Students who are not classed as ‘Visa Nationals’ do not require a visa for courses up to 6 months in duration, and can enter the country as a student or child visitor (if under 18). For programs more than 6 months long, travellers must obtain a Tier-4 visa. For additional information, please contact your local embassy or the UK Border Agency.


With London named the second most expensive city in the world (and the United Kingdom taking out 20th place respectively), it is imperative for travellers to budget effectively during their time abroad. Though metropolitan cities such as London and Liverpool offer an abundance of language programs across all linguistic levels, students pinching pennies should opt for a smaller towns outside city centres, and consider foregoing extra language lessons.


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Why Learn English in England?

From Leeds to Liverpool, Bath to Birmingham, England’s eclectic culture offers travellers a new experience at every stop. Whether you’re knocking back pints at The Prospect of Whitby, taking a spin on the London Eye, or watching The Red’s kick a goal down at Anfield, there’s something for everyone in the land of the poms!

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