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The Kyoto JaLS Standard Course includes 15 morning Japanese lessons every week that focus on speaking and day-to-day Japanese conversation. Classes are conducted entirely in Japanese and are limited to 8 people, which allows for plenty of individualized attention, time to ask questions, and practice speaking. We also have many Japanese volunteers who work around the school and participate in weekly activities, giving students the opportunity to improve their Japanese in a setting other than the classroom, make friends, and experience Japan from the inside – not just as a tourist.
Students can also attend 3 weekly optional activities. Enjoy all that Kyoto has to offer, including festivals and fireworks in the summer, or the famous temples in the surrounding area throughout the year! Join us any time and enjoy learning Japanese in the beautiful city of Kyoto!

  • Small Classes
  • Competitive Prices
  • Flexibility
  • Local Japanese Volunteers
  • Amazing Location

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  • Instruction 10
  • Support 10
  • Fun 10
  • Housing 9.8
  • Value 10
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My month in Kyoto JaLS

This was my second time studying at JaLS and I loved it as much as I did the first time. I did try out a different language school in Japan in between, but I can say with full confidence that I prefered the study program better at JaLS. Each class does not go over 6 students per room, which means there is enough time for the teacher to focus on each student. You have two different teachers throughout the week, so the subject you are studying gets tackled from a different point of view, which I find very practical. JaLS staff are very quick to respond to you whenever you need something, whatever it is. I managed to lose my backpack with my wallet and all important possessions inside. JaLS staff went out of their way to talk to the police and provide them a phone number to contact in case the bag was found (thankfully it was). I’ve been to three cities in Japan and Kyoto, I’ve experienced, is the richest in culture so far. Overall my experience with JaLS has never disappointed me. They are involved with students and think about the students gain, but not what they could possibly gain from the student. I always graduate from JaLS with great memories and new friendships from all around the world, and JaLS students always find ways to meet each other again.

Yes, I recommend
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Highly Recommended

I had the pleasure of attending Hokkaido JaLS in Sapporo prior to attending Kyoto JaLS. I have nothing but good things to say about the JaLS group and Kyoto JaLS in particular. The class sizes were small with attentive instructors, and the staff goes out of their way to make everyone feel comfortable and to push you to practice the language even more.

There are several activities every week that helped me learn a lot about Kyoto and the surrounding area. The activities also give you a chance to meet fellow students which is great for making friends at the school. Some of those activities involve language exchange with Japanese English students - those were always a lot of fun and they helped me make quite a few local friends.

I highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn Japanese and enjoy themselves doing it. I liked it enough the first time I went that I came back once and I would happily go back again.

Yes, I recommend

JaLS is the best Japanese Language learning School I have ever known!

I was a returning student from Sapporo JaLS and had the opportunity to visit Kyoto JaLS. I was able to bring my partner with me and the JaLS staff were very helpful in finding the perfect accommodation that we could share. Kyoto JaLS has a very tight knit and supportive family environment. All staff members are always there to help you if you need anything such as suggestions on what to do in the city or assistance on how to get around in Kyoto. The JaLS staff were very eager to make sure that you were having fun while at school and often struck very friendly conversations with us.
The floor that Kyoto JaLS is located on is a perfect environment for studying and hanging out in. It always had calming music on and a coffee bar that offered wonderful espressos!
One of my favorite parts about JaLS are the cultural activities which show you and let you experience Japanese culture first hand. These give you unique opportunities to explore parts of Kyoto you may not find if you were traveling there on your own.
During our time with Kyoto JaLS we made many friends with students from all over the world! We also made friends with many of the JaLS staff! JaLS also provides a very supportive environment to learn Japanese efficiently but still leaves plenty of time to have lots of fun after class. In my class I had a wonderful time making friends with my classmates and teachers.
JaLS truly provides a unique and exciting experience that I would recommend to anyone who is interested in having an amazing adventure in Japan!

Yes, I recommend
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An amazing experience

After having experienced an amazing exchange in Jals Hokkaido, I was delighted to have the opportunity to try this new branch in Kyoto.
Firstable, Kyoto is one of my favorite city in Japan with Sapporo. Indeed, people are really kind and the city is completely amazing, with a lot of culture and interesting places to visit. I don't think a life would be enough to see all the treasure of the city.
But let's speak about Kyoto Jals properly: this new school is amazing. Teachers are really cool and competent and you will learn Japanese in small classes, which is better to improve faster. The director and the staff is so friendly and attentive to help you in any situations. They won't hesitate to help you for whatever you need and give good advices to eat (:P), do sightseeing, or everyting else. So do not hesitate to ask them. This school is like a little family.
Moreover, the school proposes so many different cultural activities. You will have the opportunity to speak Japanese with local Japanese people, visit an university, go for a walk through Arashiyama and its bamboo forest, see different manifestations and shrines, etc.
In fact, you will be completely immerged in this fascinating culture.
I will definitely return there for a longer stay and I recommend it! Don't hesitate, come to Kyoto Jals, please ^__^
And I thank everyone there for this experience. I miss Kyoto, I miss Japan, I miss learning Japanese in such an environment and I miss all of you. See you soon.

Yes, I recommend

The best study experience !!

(I'm not English-speaking so maybe there are some grammar mistakes in this comment.Please just don't mind~~)
I was a student in Hokkaido Jals before,and I really loved there. And now Jals had a new school open in Kyoto, so I enrolled the trial lesson and went back to Jals again.

I extremely enjoyed the study in Kyoto Jals !!
Of course, I would like to go there again in the future!!
All the teachers and staffs were really friendly! I received many supports from them.

And also the lessons were interesting and helpful. Because there was a limit of the number of students for each class( about max 5~6 people(?)), I could have much time and many opportunities to practice my oral skill in class. ←I considered this was a big difference from other schools, and really an outstanding point !!

The lesson(maybe pre-medium(??)) I joined that was more focused on the oral than grammar, I thought it is really efficient to be able to talk in Japanese.

Moreover, the excellent part of the school I like was that there were many different activities almost each day !! In the activities, not only I could make more friends and have a chance to interact with local residents but also have many chances to keep speaking Japanese after the class~

If you have a chance to study Japanese in japan, I will definitely recommend Jals to you!!

Yes, I recommend

Wonderful Experience

Attending JaLS was great! My teachers were very knowledgeable and kind. The staff were incredibly hardworking and made me feel welcome. My classmates were from all over and they were really friendly. Because the classes are very small, I got to really know my classmates and spent a lot of time speaking in Japanese. Also, the school itself is brand new and has a very chill café vibe. They offer activities almost everyday, so I had a lot of opportunities to explore Kyoto and meet many native Japanese speakers. Over the past few weeks, my Japanese has noticeably improved, particularity my speaking and listening ability. I am very happy that I went to JaLS! I look forward to going back one day.

Yes, I recommend

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At Kyoto JaLS you will not only study the Japanese language, but also have fun and use Japanese in real life situations! We have small class sizes and flexible teaching styles, and incorporate a range of cultural and social activities into our...