Italian Language Lessons for Beginners "Speak from day 1"

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Are you wondering how you could study more effectively?
People would often ask me for advice on how to learn languages, so I came up with the idea of teaching following the same method I use myself.

I specialize in effective communication. My students want to gain real-life skills to travel and live in Italy like an Italian, but their study time is often skewed toward grammar and translation and, as a result, they can understand some Italian, but cannot speak with confidence. That’s why I give you the structured conversation practice that you need, while pronunciation and grammar are acquired naturally.

My role is to guide and correct. The chat log on Skype makes notes to revise later. You’ll learn words by gestures, and grammar by examples. Most of the time you will be speaking, and you’ll be speaking in Italian, from day one! You'll keep a positive attitude and feel free to make mistakes because that’s how we learn. Learning should be simple, and fun!

  • Practice all the skills needed for communication
  • Learn words through gestures, and grammar by examples
  • Gradually shift from textbook to real-life material
  • Follow a plan to master grammar
  • Memorize by spaced repetition

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