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Dec 06, 2019
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Learn the Mixed (Modern Standard & Colloquial) Arabic Program in Ramallah, Palestine. If you are looking to study Arabic and wanted to merge between Modern Standard Arabic and Colloquial Arabic, the Mixed Program is very suitable for you. You can learn the two programs in the same time into a special course that teaches standard Arabic and colloquial accent, and make you able to understand the correlation between them. Most of Arabic learners choose the strategy that merge between the Modern Arabic Language and the Colloquial. Each of the both languages supports the other. The program has six levels and comes into Intensive Mixed or Non-Intensive Mixed program. The program is taught at a high level of expertise for more than 20 years. The unique thing in this course that it makes you very close to the modern and practical life and be able to communicate with locals easily.

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  • Mixed Arabic Program: Standard Arabic & Colloquial Arabic
  • Learn and study Arabic In Ramallah, Palestine
  • Learn the Palestinian Colloquial accent in Ramallah, Palestine
  • Learn Modern Standard Arabic "MSA" in Ramallah, Palestine

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