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With the rising demand for globally competitive individuals, more are opting to study and work abroad to equip themselves with the needed standard. However, there are some requirements imposed by these establishment that are difficult to acquire. For non-native speakers of English, we are required to submit a valid certification of our English proficiency; one of the famous and most trusted of these is the IELTS certification.

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It basically assesses and measures the level of proficiency of the examinees in the English language. Establishments require their applicants a specific level of proficiency to be able to work or study efficiently and effectively at their premises. Thus, it is a constant worry for test-takers to achieve their target score. But fret no more! SMEAG offers both the program and testing venue to provide the complete IELTS package to aspiring students and workers abroad!

  • SMEAG is an accredited test centre of both paper-based and computer-delivered IELTS
  • Target score acquisition rate is 98%
  • IELTS Resource Centre is located inside the campus for easy access to IELTS learning materials
  • IELTS instructors are regularly trained by the British Council
  • Different IELTS modules are offered

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