Alquimia Centre of Healing Arts

Alquimia Centre of Healing Arts


Alquimia is a sacred space nestled in the Amazon of Ecuador, Napo region. A magical place where creative arts and healing are combined for self-realization and metamorphosis to occur. The educative hub and sanctuary offers the unique opportunity to learn ancient wisdom and traditions, herbal medicine and ethnobotany along with a fullfilling research work in the field with locals.
The organization supports mindful community projects to protect the environment and rise awareness on specific subjects like self-healing and spiritual development.


Napo region
Puerto Misahualli


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This is a deep introduction to the world of shamanism and plants. I reccommend it for many reasons, there is no barrer in between the medicine man and the patient, here you understand the importance of self-healing in a respectful, joyous environment.
The teachings come in many forms, verbally, practically and in a more subtle way. Working with locals has been fantastic.
I recognize the spiritual growth and the great transormation I undergo.
I spent 2 weeks in a forest retreat dieting with plants to understand their medicinal value and wisdom. Unique opportunity. Very thankful.

Yes, I recommend this program
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I enrolled the course 3 months ago and I think it's one of the best move in my life. After travelling around I had the feeling to be lost and restless. Alquimia has been my home, my shelter, my school and my space for finding again harmony and balance. It's not just a course, it's an inspiration.
Through the ancient Maya wisdom I learnt how to approach plants from a different point of view and now I want to apply this new relationship on my self-healing.
I spent days in the forest collecting plants with locals and I send all my appreciation to my teacher/guide/shaman.
I will love to come back one day.

Yes, I recommend this program
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I have been studying for 2 months at Alquimia, extending my staying and enjoying a one week retreat in the forest to close my personal path of knowledge.
The variety of information and the precious wisdom and support offered have been a guidance for me. I will always have memories of the whole experience.
The nature around is simply outstanding and I felt the great benefit of living a simple life with delicious food and meditation.
The locals are friendly and I particularly enjoyed the community living.
Fantastic course and life changing experience.

Yes, I recommend this program


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