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ACT brings to you the premium in class training program of 120 hours where you get the opportunity to experience a holistic TEFL training incorporated with the latest teaching techniques and strategies that will you help you excel in the TEFL domain like no other. The program boasts of highly experienced training personnel, well-designed course curriculum, real time classroom experience, scientific approach to ESL teaching and many more. We organize the training programs in 5 exciting locations, which include Kolkata, Mumbai, Kochi, Bangalore, Goa and Bangkok. Accommodation is also provided by us in close vicinity of the training centre at a nominal cost.


Number 6, Soi Ramkhamhaeng 18
Huamark sub-district, Bangkapi district
Bangkok 10240


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The programme is good. The teacher is excellent with years of experience. The accomodation provided by the institute is fine.There were participants from about 8 countries.It also ensured maximum cross cultural exposure to the learners.I recommend it to all who want to be a teacher. The participants most of them had diverse experience. Some of them were teachers with years of experience. It helped person like me. This programme contrary to popular belief is not an easy one. You have to work really hard to earn this certification. There are alot of coursework, presentations and live teaching assignments in reputed schools. So think before you enroll. If you can work hard then it is a great programme to do. Good luck all future participants.... !!

Yes, I recommend
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I liked the experience of learning the different techniques and most of all making friends. It was a good experience teaching in Thai schools.The trainer showed us different methods and it was interesting doing a peer teach.The most fun experience was learning new stuff daily and travelling. It taught me independence and to work in groups.I loved the fun classes. It was nice meeting people from all over the world and I think that was the best part .

How can this program be improved?
Make the course a bit longer at least 4 weeks.
Yes, I recommend
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I came to TEFL course with high expectations, and unfortunately the course didn't meet my expectations.

I worked as a teacher for some time, in different countries too. And I came with great expectations to grow, learn new things and be inspired, that didn't happened.

It doesn't mean it was bad. It was a good experience, and I've learned new structures of lesson plan that I didn't know before, that was good. I met incredible people, my colleagues in class. And had an amazing time at the schools during practice. Simply loved it.

How can this program be improved?
I would recommend if I know changes were made.
-Better time management.
-Native English speaker trainer.
-Better communication between trainer and Administration.
Yes, I recommend
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It has been such an amazing 3 weeks. So many memories made which I will cherish forever. The course is really intensive so don’t take it lightly. There’s a lot of things to learn and cover. Thank you to our trainer Adi for being so amazing and great at what she does, my classmates who have been so much fun to be with and thank you, Pak, for all the support. Thank you ACT !

I found our instructor, Adi, and my peers amazing. Quality of instruction was fun, creative, and informative. The methods worked well during our teaching practice.

NOT ENOUGH TIME! There is a lot of info needed in teaching and 3 weeks is not enough. My peers and I were often exhausted or unwell because of the intensity of it. I wish the upper management would understand that they are providing a learning service to people, not programming robots.

Over all - I loved this course recommend it.

How can this program be improved?
I will have to come back to this. I have great suggestions but very pressed for time right now.
Yes, I recommend
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To begin with they were really supportive in the class, the hotel management, the travel support and everything else too. It was a nice experience to learn here. The activities planned were good and made everyone active. It was a very intensive course and prepared me to be a teacher. We had to work really hard and improve. As we say in TEFL " from caterpillar to butterfly" it's quite relatable now. Although, the job assistance was not upto the mark. They did not give us enough options. The course is over today, and hardly any of us have got jobs. So it will be really very helpful if they could assist us better agencies, and job portals.

How can this program be improved?
As I mentioned above, the job assistance should be improved, because that is something we are all looking upto in the end.
We had one agency coming over and they gave us all one offer. There were no options provided other than that. And the agency service is not good as well.
Yes, I recommend


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