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Atlas Volunteers is a fairly small volunteering group based in Abetifi, Ghana. We are ran by a mixture of British and Ghanaian staff who have all volunteered previously in the local area before meeting each other and creating a new group to focus on social impact and bringing a change to the people of our community.

Our low cost placements include accommodation in modern, clean housing with all utility bills covered and on site support staff.

We work with the local government and organisations to ensure that your visit is meaningful to both you and the local area with the highest social impact possible.

Spaces available from January 2021!

We are reopening in January 2021 and spaces are filling up fast! Get in touch to reserve your spot!
Dates: January 5th 2020 onwards.

Atlas Volunteers
Bryan Acheampong Foundation Building, Main Road


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Yes, I recommend this program

Atlas is an incredible organization dedicated to helping Ghanaian kids in the Abetifi region of Ghana. So glad I had the opportunity to get involved with this group. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a way to travel that is safe, affordable and helps others. Sam, Libby and Frank were available for help or questions at all times both before and after arriving in Ghana. Meeting other volunteers from around the world was extremely eye opening and unexpected. The kids we got to know were sweet and always eager to learn. We never felt unsafe while travelling. All in all a great experience.

What was your funniest moment?
An adorable stray cat decided it loved us and wanted to live in the volunteer house. We named it Mogli.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Thank you Atlas Volunteer and thank you Ghana for all those contagious beautiful smiles that I was lucky to observe everyday. Kids and adults, locals and volunteers, friends and strangers, in Pepease and nearby towns, made me feel part of the community since the beginning. I feel very lucky to have found Atlas Volunteers - since the first moment we established contact, the coordinators were very helpful and prompt in their responses. While in Ghana, they were always ready to help in anyway we needed. From what I could observe, it is an organization that is very transparent and very focused on the social impacts in the communities. They know the area and the people around very well and that makes everything much easier and more reliable when it comes to starting and to continuing volunteer projects. I highly recommend Atlas to any person who is seriously thinking about a volunteer program in Ghana.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My time in Ghana with Atlas was simply phenomenal! At every level.

Atlas is a group of beautiful people always ready to help every single volunteer and that I admire since day one. They are always concerned about our well being and making sure that things are going well. Receiving all this support from an organization that we don't really know (at first) in a totally new country made me feel very comfortable since the first day :)

They are also always ready to listen to our ideas and discuss them, so no need to be shy :)

Working with the children was very special, challenging but very special. They are so genuine and pure! They are kind, really worry about us and are very curious. The teachers are also very helpful and friendly and are always ready to understand how to improve their teaching skills (I found this super important). When in the school you get a lot of freedom on what to do. Therefore, you get the chance to talk with the teachers and really understand what subjects/topics they need help with. Easily you become friends with the teachers and everything gets easier.

Ghana is a wonderful country with so many beautiful things to see and places to go, a massive culture to discover, delicious food and more important than everything: lovely and kind people!

Safety was never an issue and travelling between places is also easy. Free time activities were also not a problem, we just have to be creative. There are many interesting things to do!

There are still many more things to say about this fantastic programme and about ATLAS but to sum up: I stayed in Ghana longer than what I was meant to and that was the best decision I made in the last couple of years ;)

Medase ATLAS!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Go with the flow and try to embrace the Ghanaian way of living as much as you can :)
If you are going to work with children prepare yourself to be creative, it is quite challenging. I would say that creativity is something the kids and the teachers need. The kids learn better if they see new things and if they are thaught with creativity (they need to think out of the box). The teachers will also learn a lot because they will start to understand that there are many ways to teach a kid and get his attention besides just writing the topics on the board.

Enjoy :)
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Yes, I recommend this program

In January 2019, I traveled to Ghana to partake in a 4 week volunteer program in the small rural community of Pepease, Kwahu.

Through this experience, I was able to create lifelong friendships and immerse myself into the Ghanaian lifestyle. I spent majority of the 4 weeks teaching in a small school in a nearby community and can genuinely say, that of all the things ever I've done, this was by far the most rewarding. The students welcomed me into their classroom with open arms, curiosity and excitement. We spent our time engaging in learning activities, playing games, creating artworks and enjoying every opportunity to learn grow from one another. I still maintain very regular contact with my beautiful teacher George and some of the other teachers who formed close bonds with me in the school.

This is by far one of the best organisations I’ve been associated with. The application process was easy to navigate and the overall organisation of the volunteer program was impeccable. I knew I was in good hands from the beginning as the team at Atlas provided me with all the information I needed and kept me constantly informed/updated in the lead up to the trip. The team provided accommodation, travel, airport pick up/drop off and even went as far as to help with any extra adventuring that myself and other team members took part in outside of the program. I am forever grateful to Atlas volunteers/The Bryan Acheampong Foundation for providing an opportunity I will never forget! I highly recommenced this to anyone thinking about giving it a go!!! I could not speak more highly of the professionalism and I recommend this to anyone thinking about giving it a go!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
You will get out of this as much as you put in! If you want to make the most of it and dive in/take hold of every opportunity that it offers, it will be one of the most mutually beneficial experiences you ever have. All the best things in life are on the other side of a little risk, uncomfortably and fear, so if you're on the edge but just can't decide, let this be your sign. GO FOR IT!! I dare ya.
Response from Atlas Volunteers

Aaryn thank you so much for this! I was so happy reading over your review and glad to see you had such a good time with us. Couldn't agree more with your point of advice for future volunteers! If there is anything at all you ever need please do get in touch at any point.
Speak soon,

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Yes, I recommend this program

Hi everyone !
I had the chance to stay 2 months at the volunteer house in Pepease.
I worked in Primary school for both vacation and regular school, and helped in Junior high school in Abetifi, and I just loved the experience!
Libby and Sam from Atlas are so supportive and made me confortable as soon as I arrived, and the atmosphere at the volunteer house is so friendly and convivial.
I enjoyed every trips around Ghana we have made during long weekends we had :)
Thank you for this great time in Ghana!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Be open! As the ghanaian culture is very different from ours, and the way of life not the one we are use to coming from occidental countries, let's adopt an open spirit to enjoy the stay!


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