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This price is for a 1 week stay with us. Some education placements require a 4 week minimum duration with us to ensure a high social impact and chance for you to experience a new way of life.

This weekly program fee covers your pre departure support, accommodation, utility bills, support staff and orientation day.
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Accommodation Some Activities
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Some Activities Airfare Airport Transfers Equipment Meals SIM cards Transportation Travel Insurance Visa Wifi
Jan 04, 2023
Dec 31, 2022
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About Program

Atlas offers the lowest volunteering fees in Ghana and various volunteering placement types providing a high and meaningful social impact. Our projects are located around the Abetifi district which is based on top of the Kwahu mountain plateau and Akwidaa coastline. The shared volunteer houses and surrounding rainforests offer breathtaking views. We focus our placements across Education, Sports Development, Renovation, Eco Protection and Sea Turtle Conservation.

Our placements run throughout the year and there's always a team of volunteers out with us, so you can plan when fits best with your schedule to join us. As previous volunteers in the local area we set this organisation up to remove the business element out of volunteering and work with the local community to assist in their development, one step at a time.

Ghana is often referred to as Africa for beginners and offers a safe, serene environment for your trip whilst experiencing new cultures and warm welcoming people.

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Program Highlights

  • Low Cost - Lowest available weekly fees in Ghana. Starting from only $65 per week.
  • Support Staff - A wide range of support staff will be on hand to answer any question you may have, from drivers to project coordinators.
  • Shared Housing - You will stay with your fellow volunteers in a shared volunteer house overlooking the rainforest - the perfect backdrop to create friends for life.
  • Sustainability - We work alongside the local communities in all our projects to ensure that our impact has a long and lasting affect.
  • Free Time - Weekends are free to travel the local waterfalls, national parks, safari and canopy walks.

Program Impact

You will be working directly alongside the local communities and authorities to provide assistance and further development where we can. Depending on your placement and area of focus we aim just a small travelling distance from some of the most remote communities off the beaten track. Projects and proposals are Ghanaian led to ensure that we are making as strong and relevant an impact as possible.

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Program Reviews

4.97 Rating
based on 60 reviews
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  • 4 rating 3.33%
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  • Impact 4.85
  • Support 4.85
  • Fun 5
  • Value 4.95
  • Safety 5
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Yes, I recommend this program

Got a new family

I’ve spent with Atlas 6 months of my life. It’s been one of the best experiences I ever did and I would do it again a hundred times. I’ve had the opportunity to meet people around the world and l will consider most of them part of my worldwide family for the rest of my life.
Ghanaian people has made me feel part of them since day one. I’ve been travelling around Ghana during these 6 months and -even when I was alone- I never felt in danger.
About the Atlas team I really don’t know where to start.
When I arrived in may I didn’t know I would have felt at home so quickly. Sam, Frank, Gem and Dominic made me feel really at home, sometimes too much maybe (I know I’ve been stressing you guys, but I really do love you and everything I did, I did it for you).
Since I came back to Italy there’s not a day that I will pass without thinking at least once about that period and about them.
I miss all the kids, I miss all the panic with taxis in the morning, I miss having breakfast all together and waiting for the new volunteer to come. I miss playing football and basketball with the kids and the youth of Abetifi. I miss the bar and all the people dancing like there’s no tomorrow. I even miss waiting for hours for a trotro. And -most of all- I miss Richmond’s omotuo.
I can’t wait to come back to you all, you are always in my mind and heart. Medaase papapapa ❤️💛💚

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Yes, I recommend this program

great experience with atlas volunteers

Overall a 10/10 experience! I came together with a friend of mine and we got to share a room just the two of us, which was perfect! The staff was always helping with whatever problems might occur or with planning trips. School can be exhausting but the kids are really polite and interested in what you’re doing with them. During the week atlas suggested activities like twi lessons, going to the lake as a group or having dinner with everyone. The weekend trips were amazing! Would totally recommend Atlas!

  • great preparation before the trip (help with visa, quick responding to questions, etc.)
  • really nice and supportive staff in the house (turned into friendship)
  • freedom to travel (on the weekends)
  • update the website (new house)
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Yes, I recommend this program

My stay with Atlas Volunteers in Ghana

I spend three months with Atlas Volunteers in Ghana and overall it was a unique and once in a lifetime experience. Together with a friend I did “reading club” at a school, where we practiced reading English one by one with the kids. I spend my whole time in one class so I could really focus on the individual kids and could see their improvement. They are all very polite, funny and enjoy it so much if you take your time to learn with them. Still, doing this for three months everyday was exhausting which is why I was glad that Atlas Volunteers offers other projects like reforestation, painting, renovation or eco bricking too. We were able to do other projects one day of the week.
Being in Ghana during the end of rainy season and the beginning of dry season was perfect. You are surrounded by nature and there’s so much to see. You can go to a waterfall, caves or do mountain hikes during the week. On the weekends we did trips to Accra, Kumasi, Cape Coast, Busua, a beach Festival in Krokobite or to a Notional Park in the north. My highlights were surfing in Busua and seeing wild elephants on our Safari at the Moli Nationalpark!
It was so much fun to experience Ghanaian culture and to live together with volunteers from all over the world :) I made a lot of friends! Thank you Team Atlas!

  • I experienced African culture and I enjoyed the freedom to travel on the weekends.
  • I could help children to improve their English!
  • I met amazing people from all over the world
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Yes, I recommend this program


Given the opportunity to work with and help the children improve their English in a beautiful part of the world was an absolute privilege.
You will reap the rewards if you commit to the task, seeing a child’s smile and excitement when they are able to read a new word or finish a page of a reading book was amazing.
The Atlas team are very open to individuals own ideas, encouraging and supporting. The school and all teachers were brilliant and we were included in any activities and events.
Oh! and the kids?… The kids were just wonderful, an absolute pleasure, polite, happy, funny and focused to learn. I miss them all!
There are plenty of things to do in your free time; organised trips, markets and socialising with the locals who were welcoming and friendly.
I wasn’t sure how I would find it being an ‘older’ volunteer but I was immediately at ease at the house as the team welcomed me.
This was my first time doing anything like this and definitely not my last. I can’t wait to return to the Atlas family and the African sunshine x

  • Hospitality
  • Culture
  • Satisfaction
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Yes, I recommend this program

The best decision I’ve ever made

Coming to Ghana was the best decision I’ve ever made! I was a bit nervous before traveling there, since I’ve never traveled abroad by myself. However, the staff and the other volunteers were very hospitable and welcoming, therefore I never felt homesick! :)

During the weekdays I would help at the primary school teaching project, in the weekends I would travel throughout Ghana and explore the country. Ghana is a beautiful country with amazing nature, such as waterfalls, vast jungle and wildlife.

The teaching project was amazing, the kids were adorable and it really felt like I was contibuting to the cause.

All in all, it was an amazing experience and I’d definitely recommend it to all the adventurous types!

  • Great value
  • Friendly staff
  • Beautiful surroundings
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great experience

This was my first volunteering experience. I did not expect it to be this fun and safe. There are different programs for all personal tastes. I took part in education, reforestation, and football academy. The atmosphere with the other volunteers is perfect, weekend trips are some of the most interesting ones I have ever done, and Ghanaian people are the best: always welcoming and helpful. I would recommend joining Atlas to anyone. Activities are sometimes very tiring but it is always worth it at the end of the day.

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Yes, I recommend this program

AtlasVolonteers Ghana

My trip to Ghana was a real human and learning experience.

Firstly, the inclusion in the volunteer team and the team in general is incredible. Arriving as a 19 year old amongst a majority of 25-30 year old who didn't speak French could have been complicated but they welcomed me straight away, Dom was attentive to all my questions, doubts, surprises as well as informing me about the Ghanaian culture and guiding me.

I spent a total of 7 weeks in Ghana. When I arrived, we were only 11 volunteers separated in two houses. The green house was made up of an American, a German, a Scottish, a French, myself and Dom, and in the second house, the white house, an Italian, a German, a Spanish, a French and two Americans and Ben. I describe this to show how much I was impressed by the diversity of people and culture from the beginning of my stay and how much it enriched my stay.

I was immediately very well received by all the volunteers, at the beginning I was in the same room as Tabea and Camille, we all spoke in English and from the second day everyone offered me to do an activity with them and integrated me into the group by giving me advice, tips and information on everyday life. When I arrived late in the evening Dom introduced me directly to the house, the other volunteers and I took a tour of Abetifi (the nearest town) the next morning with Ben. They accompanied me on my way to change money, to do my first shopping and to know the important places and words to know in my daily life.

Frank came to me the day after my arrival to introduce me to the different projects and to organise me with the renovation and the teaching. I was therefore before the strike in the primary school of Abetifi, to which I went by taxi 3 times a week. I had a class of 40 pupils of 7-8 years old to whom I taught the basics of French through cards prepared beforehand, songs, drawings and lectures. Even though I had hardly ever taught before, the most important task was not to teach the basics but to keep the pupils attentive, concentrated and interested! The teacher stayed in the classroom but let me do as I wished. Following the strike that took place in the middle of my stay we all changed schools, as we were mostly in different schools, to go to private schools. I was then able to teach different classes with smaller numbers and a more "family" organisation and to do some support: the "reading club".

These two experiences were great and allowed me to realise that private schools are not as luxurious if they are reserved for students from wealthy families as in France.

My second project that I did on Monday and Tuesday was the renovation (construction of reinforced concrete walls) of a school in Suminacase. I did this project with several other volunteers, Geoffroy from the beginning and others who arrived little by little. Unlike

teaching, this project was more expensive and physical, and I enjoyed it very much! At the beginning Frank came with us all day to supervise the work, to teach us how to help Jesse the bricklayer, and then we went on our own by taxi.

Different changes punctuated my stay: firstly, we had to move house because the number of volunteers became too large. At the beginning we lived in two separate houses and joined each other in the evenings and were all very independent, but now we have all moved into the same house. Reorganizing everything was a bit complicated but very well supervised by Sam, Dom, Frank and Ben! It has been great to learn to live in a real community again, share ideas and activities with everyone and have relationships with even more people. When I left, we were over 24 volunteers from all over the world! For me it was always a bit confusing to see people leave and get used to the newcomers, but it was great!

On Wednesdays, the family nights allowed everyone to get together outside of projects or daily life and get to know each other over a game, a barbecue, or a debate. Having local language lessons once a week by one of the coordinators allows us to get involved and try to communicate while we are running errands, at school or looking for a taxi. Apart from the team members, what has made me feel more confident and comfortable in my projects is the inclusion of woman in Ghana and safety.
At school during the projects or in everyday life, even though all the volunteers are foreigners and know little of the language and culture.

When I left, we were over 24 volunteers from all over the world! For me it was always a bit confusing to see people leave and get used to the newcomers, but it was great!
Thanks to this we organized weekend trips: like visiting a national park, going on a safari, going on an adventure. Dom encouraged and accompanied us on our visits to waterfalls, forests, caves, and typical villages. The weekends and evenings we spent together allowed us to learn about Ghana, its culture, language, food, and people. What impressed me most about the Ghanaians was their sense of welcome and trust.

This is a short review of my stay as a volunteer in Ghana, a stay that made me grow and allowed me to discover a great country and a great association with which I hope to be able to go back one day: AtlasVolonteers.

  • inclusion in the volunteer team as well as the Ghanaian culture
  • variety of projects and their organization
  • freedom on the spot
  • living with some people which are not used to live in community
  • sharing projets with people not motivated or in a different mindset than yours
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Response from Atlas Volunteers

Thank you so much, I absolutely loved reading through this and thinking back to all the memories! You were absolutely amazing and a great asset to the team and project sites. Hope to see you in the not distant future. Love from your Ghana family.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best Experience Ever

This was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had. Within the classroom, it can be an overwhelming & unique experience without a teaching background but Atlas volunteers made the experience comfortable & enjoyable. They allowed you to choose your subject area you felt the most comfortable to teach, they paired volunteers together if needed, they supported each volunteer fully while integrating into the school system

Outside of the classroom, you return HOME to a FAMILY of volunteers. We had volunteers from around the world- Canada, US, France, Netherlands, South Africa, etc. but nobody ever felt out of place. Sam, Dom, Frank and Ben have created an atmosphere that integrates the Ghanian culture with everyone elses background which confidently makes me say this is the best volunteer program you can be apart of. From the family game nights to the multi day adventures- this was my home away from. I made friendships that will last a life time

Most importantly, Atlas operates based on IMPACT within the Ghanian community. They aren’t ran by money, they’re motivated by difference making. They make a difference in every students life, the school atmosphere and the Ghanian environment. I can’t say enough positives about this organization

  • Ghanian culture
  • Safety & comfortability
  • Education
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