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EF is the world's largest private educational organization with 46,000 staff throughout 51 countries. We provide life-changing education for global citizens. For over 50 years, our mission has been to give confidence and freedom to people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds.

Only EF Gap Year offers students the ability to explore several countries in depth, learn a language, volunteer for a good cause, engage in meaningful cultural exchange, gain international work experience, and develop leadership skill. Our programs are fully accredited so that our students can place out of classes and earn advanced credit toward graduation.

America’s most prestigious colleges and universities—Harvard, MIT, and Stanford to name but a few—now actively encourage accepted students to defer enrollment to take a gap year. Recent studies show that gap students actually perform better in college, get better grades, and take on more leadership roles.


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To be honest I thought it will just be every single school and programmes I sigh up before, the same but EF proof me wrong, First the staff is really nice and cool, they help me in many problem I have like bank, Telephone etc....... Second is the host family I stayed, they are super nice and the food they cook are Super also i'm enjoining the dark humor they provided :) Finally the peoples I meet here are super FUN i have make some bro's on the way. In the end I'm totally enjoy the programmes next time I might try going to japan EF.

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I absolutely loved my experience abroad with EF! The experience opened my eyes & mind to different cultures and languages. I realized after my travels that it is extremely difficult to put a price tag on experiences. EF was there for me from the beginning until the end, and they acted in the best interest of making it a good experience. At the same time, it's important to keep in mind that your experience will be as good as YOU make it. EF is there for you all the way but simultaneously you also need to be open-minded for something new, and "get out your comfort zone!"

I really enjoyed the internship portion of my travels, working alongside extremely hard-working, life changing and passionate people. I would highly recommend doing an internship with EF because it's the perfect stepping stone to jumpstart your education & professional development.

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I did an internship with EF at one of their offices during my gap year. It was an amazing opportunity to travel, learn, and to meet new amazing people with different backgrounds. The internship was structured very well and gave me a broad range of professional and life experiences that has helped me grow as a person. EF does a great job motivating each individual to push themselves beyond their comfort zones and to be their best self.

I would recommend anyone to take a gap year with EF as it is a great and unique chance that will be very rewarding in so many ways.

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