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The English Camp Company

The English Camp Company, L.L.C. organizes English Summer Camps in Italy & Austria for 7 – 14 year olds. We offer an enjoyable, interactive atmosphere where children can use everyday English and improve their knowledge of the English language in a fun, relaxed summer camp environment.

Our fun-loving Tutors (teachers) come from across the world and all of our tutors are well-qualified with backgrounds in education, teaching, or summer camps!

Working with The English Camp Company, L.L.C. our tutors have the opportunity to teach English in wonderful cities throughout Italy and Austria. It’s the perfect summer job for students in the education and language fields. At The English Camp Company, L.L.C. we want to instill a desire to learn English, and show the students that they can do it and that's not as scary as they may think!

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26 years old
Jetmore, Kansas

The English Camp Company is Awesome!


Nate and Ashley (the owners of the company) are great! They were very helpful both in training the tutors and afterwards once we were sent to our different camp locations. The host families were so hospitable. I still talk to them on a regular basis and am so happy to have made a few Italian friends along the way. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone interested in teaching overseas for a short amount of time!

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27 years old

Summer of a lifetime !


I really enjoyed continuing to work as a TEFL teacher, working at 3 different countries in one summer.

A fantastic way to experience the different cultures, as well as seeing new sites of interest, whilst learning about the history and traditions of each country.

An massive opportunity to meet new great open minded people, whilst doing a fun job and staying with host families who really look after many of the tutors very well.

I would highly recommend The English Camp Company to anyone as it is an fantastic, friendly and professional company worth working for.

24 years old

Two Great Summers


I worked as a tutor for the English Camp Company in the Summers of 2014 & 2015. Both times were all around great experiences- Nate and Ashleigh were always quick to communicate and on top of our schedules. I never had a problem getting from place to place, or having a host family pick me up. Besides the smooth logistical side, I had an incredible time bonding and living with the host families. I still keep in touch with some of the amazing families I stayed with, who were so incredible kind and gracious to me staying in their home, and who taught me the joy of living like an Italian, la dolce vita. I also loved working with the other tutors and with the kids, everyday was energetic and fun. I made so many great memories and friends and gained so many insightful experiences working with The English Camp Company!

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22 years old
Fort Collins
Colorado State University

Wonderful Experience


I am so glad that I had the opportunity to work at English camp. It was perfect for me since I love working with children and I love summer camp! It's really important to be open minded about what will happen because there is so much you won't know until the last minute, but that's part of the fun! Nate and Ashley work so hard to match you with great host families who often will make this the experience of a lifetime! Even more, they actually pay you, which is unlike a lot of similar abroad opportunities!

How can this program be improved?

Having an experienced tutor at camps with new tutors would help new tutors a lot.

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28 years old
Augusta, GA
Augusta State University



Working with the English Camp Company this past summer was an AMAZING experience shared with AMAZING people. At the start of your adventure you are provided information about safe travel and what to expect when traveling. As you arrive, you are greeted with the warmest welcome possible by Ashley and Nate themselves. During the journey of teaching English in Italy (and maybe even Austria) you are surrounded by a rich culture that is spectacular and inviting. For me, this past summer has been an experience that I will cherish forever, along with the friends and families I met along the way. If you are looking for a way to experience culture, language, FOOD, good people and a chance to use your fantastic teaching skills, apply to the English Camp Company TODAY!

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