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EnglishWork.com is a recruiting agency specializing in the ESL Job industry in Korea. We have been devoted exclusively to helping native English speakers and school administrators obtain and fill positions in ESL/EFL Schools in Korea. The agency, directed by experienced recruiters and placement counselors, has placed hundreds teachers through the years. We use our expertise in the hiring process to bring about a successful result for both candidates and schools alike.

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A fantastic year


I had a brilliant year working in Gunsan City. The staff at the academy were all very friendly and willing to help with any problems I had. Teaching at the academy was really fun and rewarding and we held a lot of exciting events too. In the end I didn't want to leave Korea, I made so many great friends there and I miss my colleagues and students very much!

When I contacted English Work I spoke to Michael Kim. He organised a discussion over Skype so that we could discuss what I was looking for in a position in Korea. Having spent quite some time looking for a good position with other companies I was really surprised at how quickly Micheal found an ideal role for me. He arranged a phone interview with the manager of the academy, I knew straight away that I would love the place!

I was unsure how to complete the visa process but Micheal guided me through each step. He has been very helpful with any questions or requests I have before, during and even after my time in Korea.


A Fantastic Year


I had a fantastic year working in Gunsan city. The staff I worked with were all super friendly and ready to help me with any problems I had.
The day to day teaching was also a lot of fun and we had some great events. It was really hard to leave at the end of the year and I miss my friends and students in Korea.

When I contacted English Work I spoke to Michael. We arranged a conversation over Skype where he asked me about what kind of positions I was looking for. Having searched for good positions with other companies for some time, I was amazed at how quickly Micheal came back with a great position. He arranged a phone interview with the Hagwon and I could tell immediately that I would love the place. I had no idea how to go about arranging my VISA but Micheal helped me with each step.

Micheal has continued to be a great help with any queries I have had since then. I would definitely recommend my experience to others!

26 years old
Blaine, Minnesota

Korea Herald Joshua in Yangju


I've loved working here. I've currently been here for 9 months when I'm writing this review, and it's been a great time. The school, teachers and children have all been great. Teaching has been fun, and relatively stress free. We have a lot of fun events, and I have a lot of room with how I teach my classes. It has been a great first experience in Korea, and it has made me want to stay in Korea for another year or two!

I don't really have many complaints. There are small things here and there, but overall I've been very pleased with working here. Yangju is a nice city, especially if you don't like super busy, noisy, big cities. However, the trip to Seoul can become annoying if you go multiple times a week. But for me, going once or twice on a weekend isn't too bad.

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EnglishWork.com is a recruiting agency specializing in the ESL Job industry in Korea. We have been devoted exclusively to hel...