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The InnoEnergy Master’s School is the go-to-destination for tomorrow’s sustainable energy professionals.

Kick-start your career: Design the future you really want. We help you get there with a double degree from our top-class universities, training from some of Europe’s best international business schools, plus all the engineering, entrepreneurship and innovation skills that the most exciting employers want.

Build your own network: Make inspiring connections to last a lifetime. Unrivalled opportunities to work with cutting-edge start-ups, innovative R&D projects, and some of the biggest energy businesses in Europe immediately place you at the heart of the energy industry.

Expand your horizons:Find the answers to global sustainable energy questions. Exclusive seminars, study visits, workshops and entrepreneurship courses, plus hands-on projects, and real-world challenges led by our business partners get you out of the lecture hall to make an immediate difference.

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KTH University in Winter

Studying abroad is a great opportunity to meet people from a diverse range of countries and backgrounds, knowing you will have something in common to bring you together. In the case of InnoEnergy, this is boosted further as you will spend a lot of time with people outside of your own programme.

University lectures & projects, industry interaction - both well-established & upcoming and international field trips on the academic side have prepared me well for my upcoming career. Living & studying with people from all over the world, InnoEnergy organised events and exploring the host countries with new friends has made the social side an unforgettable experience.

On reflection, studying at two high ranking European universities has allowed me to experience so much more than I would have had I studied at home and I would absolutely recommend this programme to anyone interested in a career in the nuclear industry.

How can this program be improved?
As a subset of 'InnoEnergy Sustainable Energy' MSc programmes, there are two location choices for each year of study. The first year options; UPC, Barcelona or KTH, Stockholm have a large innoenergy community. Given the enormous presence of nuclear power in France, it makes sense that both second year options are here; Paris-Saclay, Paris or INP, Grenoble. However, whilst these locations are home to more than one InnoEnergy programme, the InnoEnergy community focus seems reduced. Furthermore, there is a tendency to push for students to carry out their internship (the last 6 months of the programme) in France - this is not mandatory, but understandably, there is a focus towards the French nuclear industry. Finally, because there are 5 EMINE options, under 5 different departments, in Paris - there was some confusion as to whether university accommodation would be guaranteed (it is!), where it would be (in many locations around the city), and who is responsible for organising this for students (still partially a mystery...).

These difficulties were all solved in the end - I received university accommodation, secured the internship I wanted in my home nation and knew many people in the city from my first year on the programme - so none of them should put you off.
Yes, I recommend
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Prior to joining the MSc InnoEnergy SELECT program I was working in the US in a great job, but I knew I was more interested to work toward something that I truly believe in, renewable energy. Through a long thought process, I came to find the InnoEnergy program and it permitted me to gain the education I wanted, not only focused on the technical studies, but on the innovation, management, and business-mindedness side that I was also interested in developing. What's more, the program gave me another opportunity to travel as the mobility in the program is not just an opportunity, it's necessary. I have lived in Spain and Portugal through this program, and visited many other locations for academic purposes as well. This master's program is unlike anything I've ever encountered anywhere else.

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MSc Clean Fossil & alternative Fuel Energy is an unconventional masters program. Clean Fossil is specialized for Power and Energy Engineering, a field covering major aspects of conventional power plants, alternative fuel, and renewable energy sources. The first year for us started at Silesian University of Technology Gliwice Poland which is located in the Industrial hub of the Polish market, offering both a conducive learning environment and a hands-on experience for the students. The second year is offered in Instituto Superior Tecnico Lisbon Portugal with a diverse choice of major subjects. Also, Lisbon is a beautiful city with a number of opportunities for kick-starting your professional career.

It is also important to mention the KAVA (KIC Added Value Activities) add most important traits to this program. All the certifications, team building activities, career orientation seminars, CommUnity activities, networking opportunities and mandatory internships really help you on your way forward.

Highly recommended.

Yes, I recommend
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I really enjoyed my experience in the SELECT program. While there are still some kinks they are working out due to it being a pretty new program (started 2011) I grew immensely as a professional both through academics and also through soft skills. Being in a program in two different programs also meant meeting so many new people with different backgrounds and learning the culture of the two countries you are in. Through the CommUnity you can also be involved in planning events and being a leader in different ways. The SELECT program is also different since it's not heavily engineering-focused, you get a multidisciplinary education. I would highly recommend it to anyone all over the world who has a passion for a sustainable future!

How can this program be improved?
The first year of the SELECT program is still a bit messy due to taking classes from two different universities (UPC in Barcelona and KTH in Stockholm). The remote courses can be challenging due to bad connections and sometimes classes will overlap due to the different school schedules at the two universities. Hopefully from constant feedback from the students, things will improve in this respect.
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I graduated from this program December 2017. It was a great experience to do a Master Program in two different countries. The year in Poland was the best academic year in my life.
This program focuses on fuels use and decreasing the pollution they cause. The program is structured in a way that the student can choose the syllabus in a way that fits his/hers career ambitions. This program has applied very practical approach to teaching - Learning by doing - so students have the opportunity to learn by working on applied projects. It is supplied with several soft skills additional courses and plenty of visits to power plants and companies. In addition due to the existing network and the established connections, students have the opportunity to attend major events such as the European Utility Week. Warmly recommended.

How can this program be improved?
In the 2nd year in Portugal, the classes should have more practical approach, similar to year 1. There should be more visits in industry in Portugal.
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