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InnoEnergy Master’s School is a go-to-destination for tomorrow’s sustainable energy professionals as we are continuously pioneering change within the industry.

With 14 top universities, three business schools and over 200 business partners across Europe, we have positioned ourselves at the heart of the energy transition movement.

So, why should you study with us?

Europe is a hub for innovation and sustainability, and the place to be for energy professionals and entrepreneurs, like you.

Each of our seven cutting-edge Master’s programmes in energy engineering has an interdisciplinary approach, so you’ll understand key theories of business and innovation while kick-starting your career in sustainable energy.

Tuition fee for 2019 academic year is 15,000€ .
InnoEnergy also administers several scholarship schemes for especially qualified students.


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Get ahead of the game with a Master’s in energy engineering - Join us in 2019!



The program offered me plenty of opportunities to increase my awareness and knowledge around sustainability on a global context. While the study program is broad in terms of academic studies, meaning that there is no true specialization in one specific topic, it is an excellent opportunity to get to know more general themes that will allow you to, according to your proactivity, specialize in a certain theme you prefer. While I focused on market and innovation, other colleagues went for more specific like market modeling or policies. I am really happy to say that it is up to you to take the best advantage of this program, and if you trully do it, you will not regret it

How can this program be improved?
More structure in the program, but as far as I have seen, this has been solved since it was a common issue many of us arose.
Yes, I recommend
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Abdullah Al

My experience as M.Sc. RENE student is one of the most beautiful memories of my life. This masters program doesn't only improve my knowledge of technical skills on Renewable Energies but also it helps me to build a strong network with beautiful and great minded people from all over the world. "Learning by doing" is what I found as a strategy to surpass individuals skills and competencies. The training on Innovation and Entrepreneurship is the added benefit of this program.

Moreover, The financial support provided by the InnoEnergy master's school is one of the best in the world, which made it easy for students to move from one country to other for the accomplishment of the dual degree from two different Institute in Europe.

How can this program be improved?
This program is very well established yet few more hands-on project work by the students would be helpful for individuals for their future career.
Yes, I recommend
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The program takes a very comprehensive approach to energy engineering and all topics related with the energy transition in Europe and worlwide. Besides technical engineering classes also business, entrepreneurship and economics is taught.

The program is a great experience and besides the 2 countries that you will be living in there are many other opportunities for traveling for academic and leisure activities. You will make friends from countries all over the world.

Yes, I recommend
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Taking the master’s program in Energy Technologies (ENTECH) has so far proved to be a unique experience. The first year in Portugal was exciting, since there was not just a new university and student live to explore but also a whole new country with such a beautiful capital city. The courses I took at IST deepened my knowledge about sustainable energies and technologies. Furthermore they allowed me to also get an insight on the management and policy side. Not only the academic life was enriching, also the extracurricular activities surpassed my expectations! Through the university and the program I visited Spain, the Azores, France and Germany, learned about thrilling topics and met interesting people.

The diversity of cultures and people in the program is amazing and enriches the daily live a lot. Therefore, I am already excited to start my 2nd year in Uppsala (Sweden) in September. A new country, culture and university as well as old and new friends to meet, live and work with. And the best – everything with the vision of making the world a better place.

How can this program be improved?
Since this program is still fairly new, a few organisational processes are not standardized yet. For example, for students taking the first year in Lisbon and the second year in Sweden, there are no clear rules of how the evaluation of the master thesis will be realized. This is due to the circumstance, that usually a master thesis is not graded in Sweden. Hence, if one does a master thesis apart from Sweden or Portugal e.g. in a company or in a different country, it can happen that the thesis has to be approved from both universities.
However, so far everyone I know from in the program found a solution so far individually. I am curious how these processes will develop further in the future.
Yes, I recommend
KTH University in Winter

Studying abroad is a great opportunity to meet people from a diverse range of countries and backgrounds, knowing you will have something in common to bring you together. In the case of InnoEnergy, this is boosted further as you will spend a lot of time with people outside of your own programme.

University lectures & projects, industry interaction - both well-established & upcoming and international field trips on the academic side have prepared me well for my upcoming career. Living & studying with people from all over the world, InnoEnergy organised events and exploring the host countries with new friends has made the social side an unforgettable experience.

On reflection, studying at two high ranking European universities has allowed me to experience so much more than I would have had I studied at home and I would absolutely recommend this programme to anyone interested in a career in the nuclear industry.

How can this program be improved?
As a subset of 'InnoEnergy Sustainable Energy' MSc programmes, there are two location choices for each year of study. The first year options; UPC, Barcelona or KTH, Stockholm have a large innoenergy community. Given the enormous presence of nuclear power in France, it makes sense that both second year options are here; Paris-Saclay, Paris or INP, Grenoble. However, whilst these locations are home to more than one InnoEnergy programme, the InnoEnergy community focus seems reduced. Furthermore, there is a tendency to push for students to carry out their internship (the last 6 months of the programme) in France - this is not mandatory, but understandably, there is a focus towards the French nuclear industry. Finally, because there are 5 EMINE options, under 5 different departments, in Paris - there was some confusion as to whether university accommodation would be guaranteed (it is!), where it would be (in many locations around the city), and who is responsible for organising this for students (still partially a mystery...).

These difficulties were all solved in the end - I received university accommodation, secured the internship I wanted in my home nation and knew many people in the city from my first year on the programme - so none of them should put you off.
Yes, I recommend


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