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Round 0: 9 October - 10 December
Deadline to submit English test: 9 January

Round 1: 11 December - 22 February
Deadline to submit English test: 15 March

Round 2: 25 February - 22 April
Deadline to submit English test: 10 May


Reduce emissions. Develop alternative fuels. Build a sustainable future.

The MSc Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy programme explores ways of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and enabling integration with cleaner, sustainable alternatives. Giving you engineering and commercial skills that are very much in demand worldwide, the programme offers you the chance to make a substantial contribution to reducing emissions in your country and beyond.

The two-year MSc Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy programme gives you a systematic, in-depth understanding of the principles and practices of all stages of power system implementation and operation. It emphasises the technical, environmental, economic and regulatory issues around the transition from fossil-based power systems to renewable alternatives.

You join will students from all over the world at two different universities and at an international business school.

  • Work together with company partners
  • Two years, two universities, two Master's degrees
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Europe's largest ecosystem for sustainable energy

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Abdul Salam

Abdul Salam

This dual-degree program is designed to enlighten you with the latest trends in the fossil fuels energy market, the aftermath of relying on such fuels, as well as an extensive knowledge of renewable sources that can help to mitigate the negative impacts of fossil fuels. My first year was based in Krakow, Poland which is known to be one of the liveliest European cities while the second year was in Lisbon which is the top student destination with its scenic beauty. The whole program provided with a diverse choice of multiple subjects, several mentoring programs, personality development activities, career counselling program, international tours, as well as the close collaboration of universities with the industries, can be considered to be the finest Masters program in Europe.

How can this program be improved?
If the collaboration with the industries is further improved and students have more chances of working on projects that are actually impactful for the industry as well as the society, then it will be a great value addition in this wonderful program.
Yes, I recommend this program

Clean Fossil & Alternative Fuel Energy

MSc Clean Fossil & alternative Fuel Energy is an unconventional masters program. Clean Fossil is specialized for Power and Energy Engineering, a field covering major aspects of conventional power plants, alternative fuel, and renewable energy sources. The first year for us started at Silesian University of Technology Gliwice Poland which is located in the Industrial hub of the Polish market, offering both a conducive learning environment and a hands-on experience for the students. The second year is offered in Instituto Superior Tecnico Lisbon Portugal with a diverse choice of major subjects. Also, Lisbon is a beautiful city with a number of opportunities for kick-starting your professional career.

It is also important to mention the KAVA (KIC Added Value Activities) add most important traits to this program. All the certifications, team building activities, career orientation seminars, CommUnity activities, networking opportunities and mandatory internships really help you on your way forward.

Highly recommended.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Great balanced MSc Program with innovative approach

I graduated from this program December 2017. It was a great experience to do a Master Program in two different countries. The year in Poland was the best academic year in my life.
This program focuses on fuels use and decreasing the pollution they cause. The program is structured in a way that the student can choose the syllabus in a way that fits his/hers career ambitions. This program has applied very practical approach to teaching - Learning by doing - so students have the opportunity to learn by working on applied projects. It is supplied with several soft skills additional courses and plenty of visits to power plants and companies. In addition due to the existing network and the established connections, students have the opportunity to attend major events such as the European Utility Week. Warmly recommended.

How can this program be improved?
In the 2nd year in Portugal, the classes should have more practical approach, similar to year 1. There should be more visits in industry in Portugal.
Yes, I recommend this program

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