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The Language House TEFL comes highly recommended by graduates of their program. What separates The Language House TEFL from the majority of other 4-week TEFL/CELTA/Trinity courses worldwide is their focus on extra teaching practice and their stellar post graduate community and services in Prague and abroad. The Language House TEFL is not just a teacher training course, but a vibrant community of staff and graduates of the course that help and support each other. It is this extra facet that makes The Language House TEFL so special. This TEFL community is not limited to Prague, but spans worldwide. It is said that wherever you are in the world, there's probably a helpful Language House TEFL graduate close by.

Interested in Teaching Abroad in Prague?

Check out our website to watch our fun and informative Life in Prague videos make by graduates of our TEFL program. These videos cover topics like riding the public transportation system to interesting places to hike near the city.



Wow, The Language House in Prague. What an experience.

Let me begin with a warning: As others have said, it’s intense. Do NOT take that lightly. I have done a lot of very difficult and challenging things in my life, and this was absolutely one of the most difficult things I have ever done. A number of students admitted to having been in tears at least once. It’s a challenge, to say the least. As one very strong and intelligent classmate said to me, “It’s like they have perfected a formula to push us right to the edge, without quite pushing us over.” It did, in fact, push me over, and at least one other classmate. We both hit a point where we essentially couldn’t function, just overloaded and over stressed. It took me an additional week beyond the course to complete it. The owner of the course met with a few of us at no additional cost, on days he should have been off, to professionally and patiently help us become better teachers. It made a huge difference. The staff here wants you to succeed, and will help you in any way you need, to make that happen.

So, what does this all mean? For me it means I cannot possibly imagine another school doing a better job of preparing you to be a teacher. And sure, it could be difficult even if the quality of the teaching and the methods were not top-notch, but that’s not the case. The TLH staff are outrageously good at what they do. They know their stuff. Because of all this, students that come out of The Language House have an undeniable advantage, at least here in Prague (which, by the way, is amazing!). Prospective employers from English teaching schools have told some of my classmates that TLH consistently produces the best teachers. You will get hired.

Okay, this review is long enough, and I think I’ve made my point. Here are a few key words. To each one, please attach the word “Amazing!” Prague, camaraderie, quality, intensity, friends, endless support, your new family, and challenge.

Am I glad I came to The Language House? Well, I wish the intensity could have been diluted to six weeks instead of four, but yes. And perhaps it’s relevant to note that I am a semi-retired guy of 64, WAY outside my demographic! The typical student here is fresh out of college and still has his or her study skills intact. My classmates (and now friends) were wonderful, supportive, and welcoming. I’m heading into an entirely new life, and it’s exciting. Thank you, TLH!

PS Study grammar before you get here. Really.

How can this program be improved?
There was a lot of frustration with the onsite computers, available to the students. At times you will need to print something, NOW. And sometimes you can’t. I don’t know what the solution is, but...
Yes, I recommend

The course is very demanding! You'll be at school when you teach from 9 AM to probably 9 or 9:30 PM. It's a lot of information, but you learn a lot. You get 9 teaching lessons, which is more than most schools. You get a really supportive staff as well who can help with the demanding course load. I'd say pay for the extra orientation the weekend before the course starts, and let them do your housing for the course. It's so much easier. Plus the orientation weekend is the time to make friends. It really is a lot of work (sometimes overwhelming), but I left the school feeling really prepared and galvanized to teach. It was hard, but I feel very confident in my abilities to teach.

Yes, I recommend
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I worked in the IT world for over 25 years before deciding that IT work and the cubicle life were not for me. I knew I wanted to explore the world and find a career that would have a positive impact on the lives of others. I did the "Strengths Finder" assessment and it pointed at a career in teaching. I'd looked into teaching English in the past so this all resonated with me. That is when I began researching the best TEFL courses. The Language House in Prague was at or near the top of several different review sites. After watching several of their videos, I knew this was the course for me, so I applied.

I can say that from the time I sent the first email until now, the staff have been super helpful and attentive. Chris Westergaard and the rest of the staff have answered emails at all hours of the day and provided extra hours for review of grammar and teaching methodology. One of the things that they stress on the website and at the school is how strong their graduate community is. I can attest to this being the case. During the monthlong course, a number of alums used The Language House copiers and other materials to prepare lessons and talking with them confirmed the "extended family" sense of community they foster.

As for the course itself, I can say it was the most intense classroom experience of my life. I have a BA in history and I don't think I worked as hard for any of that as I did while working to earn my TEFL certificate. I felt a little "hamstrung" by the fact that I was about 28 years removed from academic coursework. I had to relearn how to take notes and prioritize my nights. But, it all paid off in the end. I've talked to other recent TEFL students from other courses and I believe The Language House offers one of the most comprehensive and preparatory TEFL certificate courses you will find. Many other courses offer up to 6 hours of practical teaching experience. The Language House requires teaching nine lessons with actual students plus teaching two hour long 1 on 1 lessons. This is much more than most other TEFL programs offer or require.

If you really want to earn a TEFL certificate and become an English teacher, this should be your first choice. All of the teachers and observers have passed through the TLH course and so they know exactly how rigorous the course is to go through. They have also spent years in the trenches after the course teaching English here and elsewhere so they know from experience what makes a good English teacher.

Lastly, I would add that Prague is an amazing city and having the course here only makes the whole experience that much cooler. I give the course and the staff two enthusiastic thumbs up.

How can this program be improved?
The course is already super intense. You teach nine lessons with Czech students over three weeks. You also get to observe one lesson with your first observer. I would have liked to have an opportunity to observe one or two other full lessons outside the course framework.
Yes, I recommend
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I attended The Language House in August 2013 and have since had great success in my English teaching career. Chris and the rest of The Language House staff are very knowledgeable and better yet, they keep an engaging learning environment! The program features a variety of lectures and group-based discussions paired with 13 hours of practical teaching experience. You will walk away with effective teaching strategies and a solid foundation in classroom management and lesson planning. I opted for the Young Learners and Teens extension certificate which opened up more job opportunities for me. Not only does TLH have an extensive alumni network- they are up to date on the trends of the TEFL job market in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Attending TLH in 2013 was a great post-university decision for me. Getting my TEFL certificate allowed me to live in Prague and travel around Europe for a few years before attending graduate school in Edinburgh. I have since worked in developing ESOL programming in Zambia and Scotland and have received offers to teach across the world. I have recommended TLH to a number of people and I will continue to do so!

Yes, I recommend

The course is exhausting, and incredibly intense, but I was prepared for that, and I left the course feeling so prepared to teach ESL. If you're serious about being an ESL teacher, this course is excellent! The staff are all amazing, and put in a lot of effort to make the classes and overall experience fun and enjoyable, even though you're feeling overwhelmed by the course. The extra teaching practice offered through their course is definitely valuable, and it has improved my overall teaching ability. In terms of job support, they've been assisting me with applying to work in Korea since months before I took the course! They put me in contact with a recruiter in Korea almost immediately after I registered for the course, which I was so thankful for! All in all, I highly recommend this course, just be prepared to work hard! ;)

Yes, I recommend

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