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LoPair, based in Hangzhou, is proud to be the 1st Chinese au pair company that wins the Au Pair of the Year Winner Award at 2017 annual campaign run by International Au Pair Association. We place au pairs from worldwide with host families in 10+ major Chinese cities.

LoPair aims to create extraordinary experiences for au pairs. Our unique services include a 3-day group arrival orientation in Hangzhou, reinforced educational settings such as the weekly mandarin classes, monthly cultural courses as well as Local Coordinator activities. We support our au pairs thru our Local Coordinator, LoPair Mentor and Education Advisor projects, through which au pairs receive individual attention and care throughout the entire program duration.


Room 609, Yinzun Building, Zunbao Mansion No.89 Chengxing Road Hangzhou, China 310020
Hangzhou Shi
Zhejiang Sheng, 310020

2017 IAPA Au Pair of the Year Award Winner | 2018 LoPair Scholarship is calling you!

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Everything was really good. I got a beautiful family and that make my cultural shock shorter. Learning Chinese was very interesting and I love it. Totally recommend this experience because it’s the cheapest way to get to china, easiest way to stay there longer, funniest way to learn Chinese, best way to improve it, richest way to get connected to the culture. I loved living with a family and sharing with them their culture!

How can this program be improved?
I think aupairs should get paid more
Yes, I recommend

Hi, I'm a 4th-year university student, male, 20 years old and Asian Canadian (my parents are from Central Asia). I found out about this program through a library recruitment I came across which mentioned a cultural exchange program in Shanghai during the summer. I had a free month in summer I felt like it could be a fun experience (spoiler: I was right!!).
So before the trip, I registered online gave them my general information and a Canadian company called Scotia-personnel helped me organize my documents and set up the trip for me (they were really nice and helpful btw). I made a profile which included my resume, letter to the family and some references. After a while a family contacted me and we had a video interview. After that, I completed the confirmation documents and the trip was booked for 6 weeks. I actually ran into some problems with a test I was writing that summer (it had to be moved later) and the test ended up being in the first week that the trip was scheduled. The family and LoPair were really helpful and wanted to accommodate me anyway!! So, in the end, I ended up going for a total of 5 weeks to Shanghai to live with my host family.
Trip itself
So the family was kind and wanted to pick me up from the airport, LoPair arranged my flight tickets and gave them all the information they needed. I lived in Pudong area during my trip which was conveniently close to the downtown area where my language classes were. The classes were every Monday and Wednesday from 10-12:15 and were mandatory time off from the family. The host kid I was matched with was 11 years old and spoke basic English and was enough for us to communicate at a basic level, as time went on his English skills and our overall communication skills improved greatly. I had time off every Friday night and all Saturday, which was great since I had time to go out and see the city with my friends :D. I met some great friends in the language classes and outside of class, the only difficulty was that we didn't all have our free time off at the same time. The family was kind and got my train tickets to go see other cities nearby on my days off if I asked them, sometimes we would go out together as a family for dinner and see city landmarks. For my orientation which took place in Hangzhou, I had tickets provided for me and my whole trip planned and paid for me. During the orientation we went to see the famous West Lake and the pagoda located there, then we went to a shopping district and finally for a Chinese dinner! We all stayed in a small hotel (which was really clean and nice) after one of the coordinators (Saigon) was amazing and took me to see the city on her free time because I had some free time after the orientation was over. During the work days, I had a plan outlined by my host mom for each day which was really helpful because it gave me an estimate of how much work and how much play time I needed to spend with the host kid. Overall my host kid was very funny and kind but like any kid, he could get annoying. We would spend time together from breakfast to dinner, playing games, reading books, studying, eating, drawing, talking all the time about random things. It was really fun but it did get really tiring after 4-5 days, which meant that days off were really nice to spend outside the house. Since in the summer it gets really hot, many of the days were spent inside, that means that having good books and fun hands-on things to do is a must. I got to see the best parts of Shanghai, either with my friends or with my host family. Living in a family with a different culture is challenging but its a great and fun experience and taught me about our similarities and differences. I will keep in touch with my host family and this is a relationship I have for life.

How can this program be improved?
Maybe have a few standardized slots for free time for LoPairs so that more people could have time off together. More organized activities would be really fun especially in the start of the program to help meet other LoPairs and make friends.
Yes, I recommend
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This has been my first time traveling anywhere outside of my country so this experience has been very new and exciting! The Lopair staff have been very accommodating and were very helpful with the process of getting ready to leave for the trip as well as upon my arrival!

I thought that learning the language would be much more difficult but since you are immersed in the culture and everyone speaks the language you pick it up quite quickly!

You get to meet a lot of new people from different countries as well as some from your own! On the day that we arrived in China, I met someone that lives in the same city as I do as well as goes to the same college and is in the same program as me! But we only met the day we got off the plane in China!

This is an amazing program and has been such a great experience! I would highly recommend this program to anyone who loves adventures and working with children!!

How can this program be improved?
Something I would have liked is if more people had the same days off. I found it a little difficult to see friends because we had different off days, and exploring China isn't as fun if you don't have a buddy to venture with!
Yes, I recommend
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Before arriving in Shanghai, Lopair did a very good job in helping me build my profile and putting me in contact with potential families. They provided good assistance and advice for the Skype interviews with the families, and once I had been matched with one, also provided valuable webinars to prepare me for teaching in China and adapting to Chinese customs and overall lifestyle. These webinars were useful in calming my nerves and feeling supported while preparing my trip, but also made up for the 3 days training they organize in Hangzhou, but that I could not attend. Therefore, if a future Au pair has dates that differ from the travel packages suggested by Lopair, the company will more than gladly adapt to them and fill them in on what they will miss.

Lopair also made the visa application clear and straightforward, and was always available to answer any questions I had, which was very appreciated. Lopair made sure I was put in a suitable level for my Chinese classes, and arranged a change in classes when it was needed.

Other than these services, Lopair also organized a trip to Hanghzhou for other Au pairs and I, which was a fantastic experience and an amazing opportunity to travel a bit and see another city. We were greeted at the train station and taken sightseeing all day by some very nice coordinators.

However, Lopair has unfortunately failed to keep up one promise, which was to organize meetings with the local coordinator. I am aware that in my case, my host mother was rarely available for a meeting with my local coordinator, which delayed our eventual meeting, but that did mean that I received my welcome package one month into the program. As of yet, my local coordinator and my family still haven't met in person, as Lopair requires. Although this has not impacted my stay here at all, as these meetings are mostly to make sure there are not any issues between the Au pair and the family - and there have been none for me - it does remain the only unfulfilled task on Lopair's part.

Other than these examples, I believe Lopair is a successful and mature company, that manages the whole program and experience very well. I am very glad to have been able to participate in this experience with them, and am very grateful for all their help.

I would definitely recommend it!

How can this program be improved?
I think the program can be improved when it comes to the meetings with the local coordinator, although, this has not been something that worsened or really impacted my stay. Nonetheless, even if these meetings were not really necessary for me, they may be for other Au pairs whose stay may not be as pleasant as mine was, so I still regard thee meetings as important to make the Au pair feel welcome and supported when they first arrive. Other than that, Lopair has done a good job in terms of communication, as I have always had a quick and efficient reply whenever faced with an issue or had a query.
Yes, I recommend
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This is my second time back aupairing for Lopair in China and my first time on the summer programme.
It has been an absolute dream, my host family is absolutely amazing, they have accepted me into their home and from day one I have had absolutely no problems. I love spending time with my host kids as well as the rest of the family, could not have asked for a better placement.
I'm addition to a lovely host family I have really enjoyed going to school which is included in the programme. I feel as though my Chinese has greatly improved and I've met some lovely people.
I've also had an amazing time exploring Beijing. In the 4 weeks of being here I've managed to do a trip a week with friends I'd made because of the aupair programme.
I think for anyone who's interested in seeing China and loves working with kids this is a great experience. I've grown to be more resistant and understanding due to my work as an aupair as well having widened my horizons.

Yes, I recommend


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