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Mind Your Language Thailand started its first branch in 2001 and is located on the beautiful island of Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand and started operating courses in Nakhon Ratchasima in 2018.

We offer a truly unique environment in which to learn to speak Thai and Italian, combining a friendly learning atmosphere with the wonders of Koh Samui and a small town called Pak Chong which is 25 minutes away from the World Heritage Site of Khao Yai National Park.

Thanks to our T.M.C. - Transformation, Muscle Memory, Combination Method, and Phrasal Expressions, students speak from their very first hour and for 100% of the time spent in class, acquiring words and phrases used in day-to-day situations.

Mind Your Language School has also been officially recognized as the only International Italian Certification Centre (PLIDA - Progetto Lingua Italiana Dante Alighieri) in Thailand.


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Yes, I recommend this program

Very useful and fun lessons

I’m studying Thai language with teacher Jom.
This course is very useful, because we learn not only grammar, but many basic phrases which can be used in daily life.
There are 7 people in my group, atmosphere is very friendly and relaxing, we have a lot of fun. Teacher Jom is very energetic and helpful, he’ll make you speak Thai from the first lesson. Class schedule is quite convenient, it’s 2 hours twice a week.
I’m glad that I’ve chosen Mind your language school. After just two months I already can have basic conversation in Thai language.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Great school!

Translated by Go Overseas:
I am very glad that I found this school of languages. I have been studying Thai for about 2 months. I experience only positive emotions! I didn't think learning a language could be so much fun. I work out 2 times a week for 2 hours. I started speaking some basic phrases in informal communication already in the second or third lesson. Classes are held in an easy format and of course with materials that are issued before the start of the course. After 3 weeks, I remember how I spoke in the street in Thai absolutely uncontrollably and easily. It was a shock for me. My teacher Jom is just great! Recommend 100%

Original review:
Я очень рад тому, что нашел эту школу языков. Изучаю тайский язык около 2-х месяцев. Испытываю только положительные эмоции! Не думал, что изучения языка может быть таким веселым занятием. Я занимаюсь 2 раза в неделю по 2 часа. Какие то базовые фразы я начал говорить в неформальном общении уже на второй или третий урок. Занятия проходят в легком формате и конечно же с материалами которые выдаются перед началом курса. Через недели 3 помню как я заговорил на улице на тайском языке абсолютно неконтролируемо и легко. Это был шок для меня. Мой преподаватель Jom просто великолепен! Рекомендую 100%

  • Программа
  • Непринужденный формат
  • Классный преподаватель
  • Много занятий в удаленном формате (covid 19 видимо еще), а можно было бы чаще встречаться
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Yes, I recommend this program

Practical, Professional Course - Motivating and Fun

Compared to other language courses I have taken, Mind Your Language focuses more on practical application and more on repetition.
The course is about 20% new sentence structures or new words and 80% conversation, where you practice again and again with words you have learned (even from a few months ago). The teacher is very patient, with humour but also professional: always correcting mistakes without judging. He explains the difference between formal and informal Thai, we practice mostly with informal Thai (like sometimes using an L instead of an R and dropping the pronouns; as this is how most Thai actually speak).
He uses his own material, it can use some refinement, but what I like is that it builds vocabulary by category (many books focus on a dialogue and then eg you learn only the Thai words for 3 jobs, so you are directly stuck if reality is a bit different from the dialogue. Here you learn 30 jobs; same with dishes, drinks, locations, vegetables etc).

In short: very recommended. You will learn Thai that you can actually use.

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
I'm doing it with a small group online; but there have been days others couldn't join and it's only me and the teacher. Then it's 2 hours of constantly talking Thai. Oh my, I missed my classmates! So much nicer to struggle together to master something new and to see others actually make the same mistakes. How I overcame? I didn't... Just keep on working hard, not give up and extra happy when my classmates are there and we make mistakes and learn together!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Online Italian Group Class

I have been doing an Italian group class online (via Zoom) with Chiara Profe Gasparotti in the past 4-5 months and I really enjoyed it. The class is a lot of fun and super easy to understand, 2 hours always passed by very quickly. Chiara is a very engaging teacher, she wouldn't let anyone go if I don't pronounce the word correctly or don't say the sentence right. She remembers our repeated mistakes and always brings it up in the following class. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn Italian and enjoying the language. Chiara Profe Gasparotti is one of the best language teachers I have ever studied with.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Italian online lessons

I am currently learning Italian online with Chiara, and the lessons are really fun and engaging. I learn for 2 hours a day, twice a week, and I always look forward to the lesson and come away feeling I have learnt so much.

We have a small group, maximum 6 students, and we have people from all over the world. It’s great to meet new people and we quickly bond in the class, Chiara has us speaking Italian right from the start.

I had always wanted to learn the language and now seemed the right time. I’m so happy I began and I can take it all the way to exams if I want to, even though I started with no experience.

Chiara is a great teacher and I really recommend this course.


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