Field Guide Courses South Africa: Your Game Ranger Training in the Wild

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Colorful metropolises, breathtaking natural spectacles, and cultural diversity – South Africa has always been attracting visitors from all over the world. Particularly the untouched wilderness with incomparably rich flora and fauna fascinates people. If you are an adventure seeker and nature lover who would like to be more than a tourist, Natucate gives you the chance to experience Southern Africa’s bush in a more intense way.

We offer different educational wilderness courses in South Africa enabling its students to gain valuable insights into the work of a real safari guide. When joining a Field Guide, Trails Guide or Marine Guide training, you will learn how to read tracks, to navigate in a wilderness area, to safely approach wild animals and to interact with safari guests. Experienced guides will always support and instruct you. At the end of each course,, you can do a test to acquire an official FGASA certificate helping you on your way to becoming a professional nature guide.

  • Get to know South Africa’s incredible biodiversity
  • Enjoy an in-depth guide training, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes
  • Witness South Africa’s wild animals in their natural habitat
  • Live and learn as part of an international team
  • Obtain an official certificate at the end of your guide adventure

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Popular Programs

Field Guide students in South Africa's Eastern Cape observing elephants in the distance

You are passionate about nature and would like to learn more about environment and wildlife? Then take part in this 10-week Field Guide training in South Africa’s beautiful Eastern Cape and acquire fundamental guiding skills enabling you to enter the guiding industry at an introductory level. Experienced guides will always be by your side, teaching you crucial environmental knowledge and guiding skills. The course can be finished by taking the official FGASA exam. Learn more

Trails Guide students in South Africa encountering an elephant

Walking safaris, special alertness in the bush and dealing with wildlife encounters – this is the focus of your Trails Guide adventure in South Africa. Based in the country’s magnificent Eastern Cape, you will acquire in-depth knowledge about situational awareness and animal behaviour and learn how to safely conduct bush walks in a big game area. At the end of the course, you have the chance to obtain an official FGASA certification!

Marine Guide students at the South African coast

You have a passion for the marine realm and would like to learn more about the marine environment and the wildlife that calls the ocean their home? Then join this training course in South Africa’s Eastern Cape and become a Marine Guide! Throughout your time as a course student, you acquire crucial knowledge about the flora and fauna of the Eastern Cape’s magnificent Sunshine Coast – and have the chance to obtain an official FGASA certificate at the end of the course. Learn more

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