Volunteer Abroad New Zealand and Australia – Nature Conservation in Oceania

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Deserts and rain forests, colourful metropolises and mystical places, as well as numerous lakes, wooded islands, glaciers, geysers, and vast beaches – Australia’s and New Zealand’s natural and geographical diversity has always left its visitors in awe.

Due to this diversity, both countries are rich in numerous animal and plant species. To sustainably protect the sensitive flora and therefore the habitats of many species various nature conservation projects have been brought into being. By volunteering in one of Natucate’s fascinating environmental projects you can discover this breathtaking place and at the same time make an active contribution to real nature conservation as part of an international volunteer team.

Take a look at our website to receive more information on our volunteer projects in Australia and New Zealand and experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in Oceania!

  • Actively contribute to conserving pristine natural areas in Australia and New Zealand
  • Immerse yourself into breathtaking landscapes
  • Witness Oceania’s fascinating wildlife
  • Work together with an international volunteer team
  • Use your free time to explore stunning nature reserves and cultural sites

Natucate Conservation Scholarship 2020

You want to become active in conservation work abroad and broaden your hands-on conservation know-how? You would like to volunteer and would benefit greatly from financial assistance? Then apply for a Natucate Conservation Scholarship! This way you can expand your academic knowledge and receive fundings for your educational volunteer experience! Natucate awards three 500 US$ scholarships each year. Learn more about our 2020 scholarship options

Popular Programs

Conservation volunteers at work in New Zealand

Discover spectacular landscapes and a unique natural environment by participating in this stunning volunteer project! In order to protect New Zealand's sensitive natural environment, numerous year-round nature conservation projects have been brought into being on both main islands. As part of an international volunteer group, you will join small projects in various regions helping to protect the country's unique flora. Learn more

Rainforest vegetation on New Zealand's Kauri Coast

Volunteer on New Zealand’s magnificent Kauri Coast, contribute to preserving pristine natural areas and acquire valuable knowledge about the fascinating ecosystem of the country’s rainforest and the wildlife that lives in it. Kiwi monitoring, installing and monitoring traps, weed control, seed collection, building maintenance, and data entry belong to your daily tasks as a volunteer. Learn more

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