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Why choose Osa Institute?

Osa Institute is located in Costa Rica on the Osa Penninsula between the forest of Corcovado National Park and the Golfo Dulce Tropical Fjord of the Pacific Ocean. Osa Institute offers programs for university credit study abroad students, volunteers, interns, civil scientists, field researchers, student groups, teachers, eco-tourism trips like birding, and work exchange.
Logistics management in-country is offered through:
Orientations (pre-departure and in-country)
Program management with on-site staff coordinating and implementing alongside participants
Accommodations and Meal plans
Emergency services assistance
Academic Courses with transcript assistance and support
Supplemental excursions and classes with non-credit-seeking (Spanish conversation, Latin dance, Latin cuisine, yoga, surf, etc.)
Itinerary creation and implementation
Program coordination with adaptation in all phases (pre-arrival, in-country, post-departure support)



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Yes, I recommend this program


Everything here is amazing, im so fortunate to meet Erin, Alec and Lauren, amazing people they never hesitated to assist us! The trip in general is awesome, even when we are on our ways for excursions this is a living learning community. Costa Rica is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including monkeys, sloths, and colorful birds. Consider taking a guided tour to see these animals up close in their natural habitat, which we had the chance to explore. Visit the Costa Rica's lush rainforests are a must-see attraction, with stunning waterfalls, exotic plants, and unique wildlife. Some popular destinations include Arenal Volcano National Park and Corcovado National Park.

  • Food
  • Attention
  • Beauty
  • Internet
  • Mobile Service
  • Wifi
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Yes, I recommend this program

Had a Great Time in Costa Rica

The time that we spent in Costa Rica was fantastic and really encouraged me to continue to travel and expand my horizons and worldview. I had a lot of fun learning about the culture and people of Costa Rica! The cultural immersion activities were well thought out and really let us experience the country and Latin culture. I was excited to see the plethora of native wildlife; we went on a number of nature hikes, stayed at an animal rescue sanctuary, examined a bat colony up-close, and went on the water to look for marine life! Our hearts are as full as the days were packed!

  • Cultural Immersion
  • Experience animals and nature
  • Connect with others around you
  • Close sleeping quarters
  • lots of bugs
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Yes, I recommend this program

The Best Experience

I think this is probably one of the best trips that I’ve been on. It really opened up my eyes to how crucial the things that we do can not only just impact one place, but places globally. I also got the chance to intern with the institute and it has truly been a blessing. Running all social media platforms I had the opportunity to fuel my passion for creativity. Also, on the trip I was able to get the chance to meet some really amazing people and make long lasting connections and friendships. I will definitely be coming back!

  • Culture immersion
  • Amazing food
  • Great experience
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Yes, I recommend this program

Pura Vida! Alex Salazar Kean Student

I loved my experience here and truly felt one in the community. I really loved my experience at OSA and the spanish cooking lessons and spanish dancing and the whole conservation part really helped me build a rapport and better the community. I really loved the teaching aspect of this whole experience and really studying abroad, I truly made long time friends and really made an impact here in Costa Rica, and the research aspect helped me a lot and truly want to use my experience here and take it back with me to the states and to the Middle East.

  • Food
  • Housing
  • Friends
  • Weather
  • Long hours driving
  • Exchange rate
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Yes, I recommend this program

TESOL certification and practice

I really enjoyed doing the TESOL certification and teaching practice as part of Hibiscus Travels. My professors were very kind and knowledgeable and they were available to answer any questions. I also loved the teaching practice as I was able to practice what I learned and I was able to connect with the community of Puerto Jimenez in Costa Rica.
I really recommend this program not only because it opens job opportunities but because you are able to make a difference in the community and have a rewarding teaching experience.

What was your funniest moment?
It was funny when a student of mine said his favorite hobby was "drowning" and I was like drowning?
He meant drawing but was confused. It was a very funny moment.😂


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