Smart Trip organizes tours, excursions and other activities for foreign students in Italy. It offers trips in Italy and in the main European cities.

Smart Trip Europe


Smart Trip is a young and experienced Company in Florence, who wants to offer its skills and services to foreign students: tours, excursions and other activities. We’ve got the know-how and a young, lively team of tour leaders. We aim to offer alternative and enjoyable trips to those students who want to make the most of their European experience.
We not only run excursions to and from Italy and its beautiful landscapes and cities, but also to many international destinations, such as Interlaken, Munchen, Budapest and others!
Whatever the journey is, we can guarantee the best service and value, thanks to our reliability and to our know-how. Our young and lively team will be glad to meet all your requests and needs, and to make sure you have fun!


Via Cavour 36 red
50121 Florence FI


Yes, I recommend this program

I did this trip while I was studying abroad and it was one of my favorite things I did! The staff were amazing and traveling with them was so easy! Smart Trip provided everything from transportation to accommodations to options for fun things to do in each place from a boat cruise/tour, to visiting Capri and Positano, to hiking Mt. Vesuvius, to doing a tour through Pompeii! It was just absolutely beautiful and so much fun and it seriously took the stress out of traveling/planning a trip. I highly recommend it!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Talk to the staff about what they recommend to do/visit during your free time! When we had free time on Capri, I went with one of the tour guides to see Anacapri and we got to take this really cool chair lift to the top of the island and back! Amazing view and I wouldn’t have found it on my own!
Yes, I recommend this program

I highly recommend Smart Trip. They make things so much simpler than traveling on your own because they take care of all the logistics and you can just enjoy yourself! They figure out transportation, book really great hostels and give you advice on exploring your destination. They have the best guides ever, they are super helpful and friendly! The guides have really great tips and really want to help you make the most out of your trip. I would definitely go again on an adventure with Smart Trip.

Yes, I recommend this program

This was such a fun trip, Cinque Terre was absolutely stunning and if you like traveling on the coast, this will definitely impress. The staff were so awesome, they made everything stress free and fun. The staff are super knowledgable and very friendly. I would highly recommend using Smart Trip, they are always cheaper and I have had a better experience. I went on this trip solo and I was super nervous about it, the staff made me feel at ease and I got to meet other students that were both studying in Florence and throughout Italy. I made friends from that trip that I still keep in touch with. If you are debating any trip with Smart Trip, do it !! You won't regret it. I would 100 percent do it again!! The scenery was so breathtakingly beautiful!

Yes, I recommend this program

When I studied abroad I went on the day trip to Cinque Terre trip. I had such a blast and couldn't stop raving about this trip. Smart Trip was so well organized and had such nice and friendly staff that made me have the time of my life. While at first I was hesitant if I should go without a tour and do this day trip by myself, I am so thankful I participated with Smart Trip. Having a guide to lead us to the best places saved so much time and effort, and allowed us to enjoy our day with no stress. Not to mention we met so many new friends because of it. I had such great staff who not enhanced this trip, but gave me tips for other amazing spots in Italy. My friends and I left with such great memories, and I can't recommend Smart Trip more. From the hiking, to the food, to the people this trip was a dream.

Yes, I recommend this program

I had so much fun on this trip! Prague has always been on my bucket list and Smart Trip helped create the perfect weekend. I was able to see the city and all the historic spots during the day and then go to the best clubs at night! The staff was so so friendly and fun and they showed us the best restaurants and bars. We also went to the Christmas markets, which were soo amazing! It was like nothing I have ever seen before. Prague is my new favorite city and it definitely wouldn't have been the same if I hadn't gone with Smart Trip. In my opinion, it's the best way to travel. Already looking into booking another trip with them because I know it will be amazing!! Highly recommend Smart Trip to any study abroad student looking for a cheap and fun way to travel around Europe!


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