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STSicily works to match people from all over the world with their perfect internship at a start up or a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME). We are an accelerator of students and companies with the Internship Camp Program. We are leaders in collaboration with world-class organizations to offer extraordinary opportunities to interns as well as tools, methods and resources to startups or SMEs that want to expand their presence on the international scene.



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Yes, I recommend this program

Great way to learn in the professional marketing life

The company STSicily provide a good experience in fields like business development, marketing,... we make lessons on marketing, studying the action plans that different international and even local firms can put in place in Sicily... during this kind of session everyone participates to bring their knowledge, to federate the team and have a good group cohesion. This is one of the principles at STSicily that I really like. Regarding the cultural and linguistic immersion, I appreciate a lot during the second week the visits of Trapania, Castellammare del Goflo and also Palermo. We saw cathedrals, castles, great tourist places, etc.

  • Cultural immersion
  • Linguistic immersion
  • learn the use of different software
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great way to develop your academic and professional development

STSicily is a great company if you want to start your professional experience. You are accompanied by great teachers who always help you in your work. In this company, you will work on business growth and marketing, and everyone participates to bring their own experience and knowledge. Sicily is also a great way to discover a new culture in a beautiful and calm environment. When you’re not working, you will do great activities around the island. This is overall a great way to have some experience and to grow in your professional life.

  • Professional and friendly staff
  • Great cultural discoveries
  • Overall great work experience
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Yes, I recommend this program

Bon stage !

Translated by Go Overseas:

I did a one-month internship with ST sicily. It was to last two months, but unfortunately it was cut short because of the coronavirus. During this internship, I carried out many activities such as prospecting or a Business Model Canvas in order to create a new business. I also attended professional conferences, and at the same time I visited Palermo. We were located in the town of Balestrate, 1 hour from Palermo by car. This internship was an interesting experience.
Original Review:

J'ai réalisé un stage d'un mois au sein de l'entreprise ST sicily. Il devait durer deux mois mais malheureusement, il a été écourté, à cause du coronavirus. Durant ce stage, j'ai réalisé beaucoup d'activités comme de la prospection ou un Business Model Canvas afin de créer un nouveau business. J'ai également assisté à des conférences professionnelles, et par la même occasion j'ai visité Palerme. Nous étions situés dans la ville de Balestrate, à 1h de Palerme en voiture. Ce stage fut une expérience intéressante.

What would you improve about this program?
Translated by Go Overseas:

We could have carried out more activities, which were not carried out because of the coronavirus.


Nous aurions pu réaliser plus d'activités, qui n'ont pas étés réalisés à cause du coronavirus.
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Yes, I recommend this program

great accommodation

I was surprised about the accommodation which was near the workplace but also of the sea with a great view. Concerning the work, unfortunately I did like 70% of the time prospection with a database that was very boring. I think they should have give me things to do in communication like social medias for example. Normally, I had to spent 2 months but because of the Coronavirus I spent only one month so, I didn't do any activities outside work. But it was a great experience where I came back with new skills.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Great Internship

I had an opportunity to do my internship with STSicily Group in Sicily. I was really afraid to go because I had no knowledge about how the place will be how will be my job experience and how to work with different people from different countries. By trust me STSicily will give you a unique experience that we would never think of. I had an opportunity to make friends with different country peoples, we used to hang out together. My workplace was very near to my apartment. And my colleagues were very helpful for me in all the ways. And the activities we had was an amazing memories of my life. I will surely visit and work for STSicily in my coming year.


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