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Study Abroad Europe programs offer a variety of options in Italy, France, Greece, Spain, UK and the Czech Republic. This provider specializes in preparing excellent programs for students studying in the fields of Hospitality Management, Culinary art, Baking and Pastry art and in General Business, Art, or History. You can choose to study in Florence, Italy at the Florence University of the Arts, check out the unique Paros International Creative Music Program held on Paros Island in Greece, or study Czech at the prestigious Charles University in Prague. New program additions include hospitality and hotel management in sunny Barcelona! Browse through the Study Abroad Europe program reviews below and visit their website for more information.


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Yes, I recommend this program

Excellent INTERNSHIP Experience!

The application process was easy and I had plenty of helpful and attentive staff to help me with any questions that I had. I liked being able to log in and see a simple checklist of what I needed to have done. My advisory, was very helpful and knowledgeable and always responded to my queries in a timely fashion.

I did a 9 week internship, I was lucky enough to have a great boss who gave me a good project that I was able to work on my entire time. The project was creating and conducting a survey. It was above and beyond what I thought it would be. I got great work experience in a foreign country and memories that will last a lifetime.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Quality Services

Coming to France has probably been one of the best decisions I've made in my life so far. I've gotten to learn and experience so many different things that I wouldn't have been able to do back home, as well as gotten to meet so many amazing people. I loved my host family from the first time I met them. They were so open and welcoming and that really made me feel at home. They are always making sure I was doing alright and that I'm ok, and I know I could always go to them if I needed anything.
My internship in France was with a Fashion designer. Was working side by side with the designer in Paris for promoting his new collection for the spring 2017. He was so helpful to me since I've gotten there. They've really made an effort to make sure I know what's going on. The employees have been really nice as well and they understand that I'm still getting used to the challenge of living abroad. I've made some really good friends there.
I've thoroughly enjoyed everywhere we've gotten to visit. That's probably the thing I like the most, getting to learn so much about Europe.

What would you improve about this program?
They are very good
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Yes, I recommend this program

Italy is beautiful and this study abroad program was nearly perfect!

What better place to study photography than the most beautiful person in the entire world? I didn't plan on doing a semester abroad, but when my best friend decided to go for it (in Prague) I thought I may as well branch out myself. I was really afraid of being without the security of familiar people and places, but I cannot believe how much that changed within mere days. My confidence has gone through the roof and I put myself out there much more than ever. I never thought my introverted nature would change, but it really has. I am who I am today due in part to this experience in Italy.

I've always loved photography, but my passion for it has grown, as has my interest in all things Italian. It was honestly a dream. I loved studying and exploring here. I met wonderful people and studied with some really talented people.

The biggest suggestion I could give to other college students is to go for it! Leave your comfort zone, and if possible, study in Italy. You might never want to go home.

Yes, I recommend this program

a great internship program.

When my junior year came around, I was looking for an internship and stumbled upon this one. I was not planning on going abroad, but after some encouragement from my parents, I decided to look into it.

I was accepted into the internship program for finance students, and it was wonderful, challenging, and even fun. The people I met challenged me and encouraged me. I loved being in London, and everyone I met casually or worked with was wonderful.

I did not know what to expect, but this experience was better than I ever could have predicted. I've met a lot of people and even though they aren't from my home country, I have no doubt that they will help me along in my career.

Housing was great and everything was really organized. I was very comfortable and had every resource that I needed. I never felt like I was on my own. I cannot wait to return to England to visit some of the new people I've made friends with.

Yes, I recommend this program


When I chose my Communication/PR major, my family said to me that I'd never get to travel anywhere special with that kind of path. I thought they were right; all of my friends in my major were traveling to NYC or LA. My family has been bi-coastal for my entire life, so these are two cities I've spent a lot of time visiting over the years. When I found an opportunity to travel to France, I jumped at it. When I arrived, I was nervous and really apprehensive. However, everyone was extremely nice, welcoming, and helpful.

I didn't know what to expect but I really learned a lot about this industry. I was unsure of how practical the knowledge I'd learn abroad would be and mostly looked at it as a good opportunity to travel and gain experience to add to my resume in the future. I was floored with how much I did learn and how much farther this experience goes than just another item on my resume. I met so many wonderful people and experienced many unforgettable moments. This was the best experience I could have expected.


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Staff Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with program leaders.

Interview with Gerry Botchoukova-Farkova - Study Abroad Europe Student Advisor

What position do you hold at SAE? What has been your career path so far?

Gerry: I am the student adviser at SAE and I serve as the first point of contact for any student who is interested in studying abroad with us. In the past, I have been involved in short term program design, activity leading for international students in the US and host family placements. I hold a BA from Bentley University in International Studies with a double minor in International Economics and Business Studies and have had my own study abroad experience in Spain in addition to a long list of international travel.

Did YOU study abroad? If so, where did you travel and what inspired you to go?!

Gerry: I studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain during the fall semester of my junior year at Bentley and I so very glad I did. I was motivated to have the study abroad experience by a combination of personal, academic and professional goals, but most of all by the thought that if I did not do it, I would regret it for the rest of my life. So I contacted my study abroad office, gathered the necessary paperwork, checked in with my academic and financial advisers and packed my 40lbs suitcase for a semester in Spain. I encourage everyone who is even remotely thinking about a study abroad program, to explore all options and go for it. As we like to say here at SAE "Don't just dream it, DO it!"

What does the future hold for the SAE - any exciting new programs to share?

Gerry: We are in contact with few institutions in France and in UK. For summer 2013 we are planing to offer study abroad programs in Paris and in London. We will have also our 2 week Andalusian Gastronomy Program in Marbella Spain in co-operation with Les Roches Int. School of Hospitality Management. In Florence we will have special program with Florence University of the Arts where students can explore the design patterns in local crafts and small boutique ateliers.

Which study abroad destination is most underrated? Conversely, which is most overrated?

Gerry: From what I have seen so far, our Italian programs with APICIUS and Florence University of the Arts enjoy the most attention from students and rightfully so. These are wonderful institutions, offering great hands-on programs that are set in bella Italia. Conversely, we have equally great programs in the Paros Island, Greece and Prague, Czech Republic, which are unfairly getting much less attention than they should at this time.

The bottom line however is that the study abroad experience is a highly individualistic event in any student's life and should be tailored to the personal, academic and professional goals of that individual. I always like to tell my students, when in doubt, take the road less traveled because along it you will find something that you can call your own. Happy travels!