Social Media Brand Strategist Internship with Social Enterprises

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Trusted by 1000+ volunteers, TribesforGOOD offers you opportunities to participate in socio-economic and environmental issues in India.

If you are interested in the social impact space, entrepreneurship, innovation, and cultural immersion, our unique internships are perfect for you. Use your skills and knowledge to assist emerging Indian organizations. Education is moving further away from the classroom as they seek to practice and apply their acquired knowledge. Hence, our internships are suitable for young adults who will be future entrepreneurs, consultants, and diplomats entering a globalized world. You will get to interact with people at many different levels that you would not have the opportunity to interact with on campus!

This unique internship will help you in becoming the driving force for the organization's social media platforms in reaching and inspiring various individuals from all walks of life whilst spreading the NGO’s mission.

Fee: $265 for 3 months.

  • Get invited to an exclusive TribesforGOOD Social Impact Journey in India.
  • Impact lives of many generations to come in Maharashtra, India.
  • Opportunities to have a one-to-one mentor-ship with a member of our highly talented and goal driven team
  • A letter of recommendation at the successful completion of your term as Social Media Strategist/ Brand Strategist.
  • Have your story published on our website along with an exclusive interview of yours

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Yes, I recommend this program

An experience to learn and impact lives!

I’ve been pursuing my Undergraduate degree from Pune University, India. Given my course is in Information Technology & I’ve been studying about it for 5 years now, I usually have a few hours every week that can be used for volunteering for organisations supporting livelihood for women.

I was looking for internships that were available & stumbled upon TribesforGOOD’s Social Media & Brand Strategist Internship.
It looked like a unique opportunity to me as it was about making a lasting impact on the communities that I shall be working with through this internship. And also, cause I could work remotely from my home.

After applying for it, the founder Mandeep got in touch with me to understand what I was looking to giveback through this internship which was a unique take for me as most of the positions I had applied earlier asked me what I wanted to gain from the internship.
So it wasn’t just about me but about the beneficiaries too.

I worked as a content creator & writer for a period of 4-weeks with TribesforGOOD & loved the work I had to do. Through my work at TribesforGOOD I was able to learn a lot of skills in terms of social media & got insights into the social enterprise space.

Now I truly dream to apply this knowledge & become a social entrepreneur myself.

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
The biggest giveback came in the form of gratitude from the organisation TribesforGOOD was helping to increase their social media awareness. Through us they could reach out to at least 30% more audience which impacted their business is a positive sense & the profits help run households of 25 women.

Next time I am in Mumbai, I'd like to visit the NGO that I impacted and try volunteering a bit more with them.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Perfect Remote Opportunity for those who can't travel abroad!

I worked with TribesforGOOD on an internship that focused on women empowerment and provide livelihood opportunities. I have always been passionate about social enterprises and giving back. This opportunity was perfect for me. I enrolled into the 3- week social media strategist internship with a focus on design, innovative thinking & executing strategies. I am a third year student so it is difficult for me to travel. TribesforGOOD was able to solve this issue by offering me a remote internship.

Throughout the internship, I had a facilitator from TribesforGOOD. The first few days were training to get a deeper understanding of the organisation and the project assigned to me. The team ensured that they were available despite the time zone differences. We had
Weekly discussions/calls to track & assist with the progress. I felt I had contributed well and made an impact. Looking forward to the next semester when I get a chance to work with them again on climate change.

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
I would like to redo this internship in Mumbai & work with TribesforGOOD's team. Understanding the role of social enterprises in social impact sector & how they go about achieving it.