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UNI-Prep is a private training institute offering online TESOL Certificate and TESOL Diploma programs. In addition, to TESOL teacher training, UNI-Prep offers courses in business and management. We have had thousands of graduates who are currently teaching overseas in over 100 countries. All our programs are accredited and are offered both online and in-class around the world.

UNI-Prep students and graduates enjoy the following benefits:

1) Accredited and internationally recognized programs
2) Videos and tutor support
3) Job placement assistance and exclusive job search partners
4) Study at your own pace from anywhere around the world
5) Complete the course in as fast as 2 weeks

Jump start your teaching career with us and start the experience of a lifetime!


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I have been a teacher in my home country and the TESOL at UNI-Prep Institute really gave me more tools to use in my job! Besides being online, allowing me to study at my own pace, the course is easy to follow, has a great content and is very objective.
The content is very well divided and it has a video and a written file about each unit. This makes easy for us to find a specific topic. Besides all this, the price is absolutely reasonable and it also orients us in jobs abroad. I am really happy about finding UNI-Prep Institute.
I totally recommend!! Thanks, UNI-Prep!!

How can this program be improved?
I missed a forum to share some doubts or opinions.
Yes, I recommend this program
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In my opinion, this course is quite brief but very, very effective, especially for those with 'zero' teaching knowledge or experience; so, if you really want to start your career as a professional English teacher, don't hesitate to register this course.
I will probably register a further course from Uni-prep to enhance my teaching knowledge in the future (when I have enough conditions).
I'm sure Uni-prep will be more and more developed!!!!!!!!!

How can this program be improved?
At the end of each unit, there should be a concluded summary of main teaching tool(s).
Yes, I recommend this program
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I really enjoyed every part of this course -it really helped me to sharpen my teaching skills. The schedule was very flexible as it allowed me to study at my own pace. To put it in a nutshell, taking the TESOL was a very rewarding experience for me. Thanks to UNI - PREP Institute, I’ve now become TESOL certified to teach Englsih as a second language to people of different ages. I will make sure to encourage all of my colleagues to take their TESOL certificate at UNI-Prep.

Yes, I recommend this program

The 10 units of the TESOL Certificate Course are covering the most challenging issues about teaching English as a second language. The reading materials, videos, quizzes and the additional resources have provided me with all the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in my job as a language teacher.
Moreover , the course is well balanced in such a smart way that makes you feel confident , and eager to learn more and more. It goes to the important and practicle tools about teaching ESL.

How can this program be improved?
Introducing interactive videos and giving feedback on the wrong quizzes
Yes, I recommend this program

In the age of nineteen to have a TESOL certificate is magnificant. I believe to be a member of TELF teachers will give me extra motivation and chance for working abroad. In the 21st century has the century of inovation and technology. So I want to use all the technology while i am teaching. And i want to be an inspiring teacher for my students in all ages. This education has given me that opportunity. Thank you all. I could donthis now or never. Time goes on, there is no time to wait.

Yes, I recommend this program


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