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UNI-Prep is a private training institute offering online TESOL Certificate and TESOL Diploma programs. In addition, to TESOL teacher training, UNI-Prep offers courses in business and management. We have had thousands of graduates who are currently teaching overseas in over 100 countries. All our programs are accredited and are offered both online and in-class around the world.

UNI-Prep students and graduates enjoy the following benefits:

1) Accredited and internationally recognized programs
2) Videos and tutor support
3) Job placement assistance and exclusive job search partners
4) Study at your own pace from anywhere around the world
5) Complete the course in as fast as 2 weeks

Jump start your teaching career with us and start the experience of a lifetime!


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I majored in areas completely different from teaching when I went to college, but then I found myself with a change of heart (and location) ten years later. I wasn't too enthusiastic about returning to college and creating more student debt, so a teacher friend recommended getting a TESOL certificate for my back pocket. I also will add, that I will be relocating abroad in a few months and wanted to arm myself with a way to have income coming in, without worrying too much about not speaking the language fluently at my destination. Uni-Prep has given me a newfound confidence that I will happily bring with me once I make it to my new country. I have a ease of knowing that I now have the basic fundamentals to remotely assist those seeking help with English as a second language. I'm excited about my new life as a digital nomad!!! Now I can ease into my new cultural surroundings a lot smoother knowing that I will be able to have income coming in by doing something that I am confident with.

How can this program be improved?
The website has old year dates like 2013 and 2017 on the site which makes it appear a bit outdated. Seeing these old dates after purchase made me panic a bit and I questioned the sites creditably. However, so far, all is well.
Yes, I recommend this program

Very attractive, affordable, video courses, own time paced. With my love with English and my experience in an English speaking school for more than a decade, I started teaching it to my local brothers and in some english centers.
This TESOL certificate is felt like an add-on on my projects for the future. Traveling, meeting and helping and instilling the learners to love this language.
I would recommend some update, because I thought it was outdated when I started. It seems to be from 2017...

It's just very interesting!

How can this program be improved?
Maybe with some interactive and updates of the course.
Yes, I recommend this program
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I loved the videos and the lay out they provided. A lot of the reading would go over just what the video did, but reading alone can be hard for me to retain. Listening and writing my own notes definitely helped me grasp what was being taught in each Unit
It was a clear and very concise layout. No confusion about what each unit was about and what was to be expected
The quizzes were for the most part exact to what you would hear in the video or read in the papers. There were a few questions in the quizzes, that no matter how much I read and looked for the answers, they were suggestive to an answer, but so broad it was hard to really be sure.
However, I was very pleased with the knowledge I gained and the layout and accessibility of this TESOL 120-Hour program. I could not ask for a better course with such easy access which is so important when you have kids.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Explains which parts of ESL are most challenging for students and why, how to lessen anxiety/establish rapport with students (strong emphasis on fostering a warm, caring classroom environment), and lots of ideas for classroom activities to develop specific skills. Also good curriculum development advice.

If you don't have a teaching background and plan to move abroad to teach ESL, this is definitely worth it even if it's not required by the country/school.

Academically, it's pretty easy. You get two attempts per test and need to score at least a cumulative grade of 50% to pass the course. All of the content is in the readings, and the lectures basically repeat about 70% of the information with visuals/audio and more examples.

If you pay attention, you'll definitely be better-equipped to run a successful classroom.

How can this program be improved?
Audio isn't great. It's audible but would be a lot better with quality recording equipment and editing to tighten it up.
Yes, I recommend this program

I have been a teacher in my home country and the TESOL at UNI-Prep Institute really gave me more tools to use in my job! Besides being online, allowing me to study at my own pace, the course is easy to follow, has a great content and is very objective.
The content is very well divided and it has a video and a written file about each unit. This makes easy for us to find a specific topic. Besides all this, the price is absolutely reasonable and it also orients us in jobs abroad. I am really happy about finding UNI-Prep Institute.
I totally recommend!! Thanks, UNI-Prep!!

How can this program be improved?
I missed a forum to share some doubts or opinions.
Yes, I recommend this program


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