Vantage TEFL Certifcation

Vantage Siam (Vantage TEFL Certification)


American Accreditations—Internationally Recognized—Masters Level Credits.

They’re Thailand’s highest-rated TEFL program and they offer a 120-hour, In-Class TEFL course, with 6 hours of observed teaching practices.

Vantage TEFL Certification is the Bangkok training center for TEFL International (TI)—a network of 29 centers in 20 countries on 5 continents—that has issued 32,000+ accredited TEFL certificates since 1998.

Their American accreditation is from Fairmont State University. Vantage graduates earn 3 Masters level credits.

Vantage provides expert job support. They’ll create your own Power Resume—resumes that make an impact in the six seconds many hiring authorities spend reading them. They’ll coach you on interviewing techniques, how to handle objections, giving demo lessons and job searching strategies.

They also offer a 120-hour Combined Course blending online curriculum study with observed of classroom practice teaching of non-English speaking students.


1873/15-16 Sena Center, Phaholyothin Road, Ladyao, Chatujak
Bangkok 10900


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I was quite worried about getting a job as an English teacher, even though I’m proficient, I’m a non-native English speaker. I’ve heard too many stories about how non-native speakers need not apply!

Vantage quickly put me at ease. They have their own dedicated jobs coach. Not only did the help me in creating a Power Resume, but I was also coached on interviewing techniques and specifically how to handle the NNES objection. They also reached into their network and I secured an interview and hired with a short time after graduation. The good news got better as this school isn’t far from my home.

The entire Vantage training team is highly professional. Their expertise was more than helpful in turning my initial hesitation about teaching English into a budding self-confidence.

I lot of this was developed ‘on stage’ in a real classroom. I had 7 hours of observed teaching to non-English speaking students. The feedback I got after each teaching session was crucial in building my confidence so I could live to teach another day.
My classroom experience was a huge component in the development of my teaching skills

I can’t say enough about my experience at Vantage. If you’re looking to learn how to teach at a highly successful level, you’ve found the right place.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Vantage is a place that I highly recommend anyone who would like to teach professionally in Thailand or abroad. These guys will make you a highly successful teacher.

I had previous teaching experience as I taught children in for almost five years, but outside my college education, I never had proper training in teaching a language. Teaching is what I love and, admittedly, I knew that I still lacked the specific skills for teaching English as a second language.

We had very engaging class sessions—our group soon become very close—as we went through the course book. But the book is just a base. The course not a series of lectures, but its developed workshop style so there’s a lot of discussion. This was particularly valuable as the trainers have decades worth of experience so they can really add a lot of insight and extra knowledge that the course book doesn’t cover. The experience is a kind of interactive classroom environment where you feel free to ask anything without being shy of making silly mistakes

We covered a lot of ground in Vantage’s TEFL course, but its engaging nature keeps it fun and in check. Just don’t expect to have a lot of free time when taking this course. But you’ll come out as a highly successful teacher.

Taking the TEFL Course really took me to a whole new level in the teaching line and I believe I was at the right place just at the right time.

Yes, I recommend this program
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This was one of the best courses I have ever taken in my life! Chris, Kevin and Ryan make an awesome team at Vantage Siam. The experience the team has definitely helped me and all my fellow teacher trainees when it came time to the teaching practicum. Their depth of experience definitely shows and cleared up a lot of the questions and doubts I had about myself and in teaching others. This was also in a great location in the middle of Bangkok and I got to explore a little bit of the city during the course. Highly recommend this school and no doubt you will learn a lot about yourself and others and come out with a TEFL training certificate to teach anywhere in the world! It is a course to be taken seriously, especially for people with no prior teaching experience. As long as you do the work, however, you should be fine and not anything much more difficult than a summer session course at any university.

Yes, I recommend this program
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The teaching practicum was one of the high spots of my TEFL course. Everything you have to do in the classroom was a real ‘live’ situation. I got really great feedback after each practice which was super helpful in my development as a teacher. Moreover, the self-evaluation made during the course allowed me to know my areas to focus on to improve for the next class. I think I got better with each practice session.

The trainers at Vantage are among of the best teachers I have ever studied with in my life! They explain and answered every question in details. Don't worry if you don’t have teaching experience before, because this course was very well designed and covered very thing you need in the future to become a successful teacher in the classroom.

I would recommend without hesitation taking the Vantage’s TEFL certification course to everyone who wish to get an intensive and professional level TEFL training program. This course had a very positive impact on my career as an ESA teacher.”

Yes, I recommend this program
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Vantage TEFL is a very well designed and very varied course. We studied phonetics and phonology, methodology, grammar, management classroom, evaluation and testing, materials compilation and teaching techniques. And we learned how to make ‘killer’ lesson plans.

This course will prepare you to be super confident and very successful in almost any classroom.

Vantage’s training team are fantastic teachers! They lead trainer, in particular, goes into great detail, explaining everything and answers to my many questions were dealt with very accurately!

The observed teaching practices were one of the most important parts of the course because the feedback I got after every session really made me a qualified teacher. Moreover, the self-evaluation made immediately after each practice session allowed me to know my areas of improvement and what I could do better or differently for the next class.

For those who wish to get a professional level TEFL training program, I recommend without hesitation Vantage’s TEFL certification course. This will launch your education career and this course had a very positive impact on my career as an ESA teacher.

Yes, I recommend this program


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