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Yes, I recommend this program

Vantage has it All!

When I first began considering TEFL graining, I first researched the need for even doing a TEFL and then spent a lot of time comparing the various programmes.

I've contacted Vantage’s course director, and he gave me invaluable support. Initially, I was unable to obtain a visa, so I asked Vantage and they sent all the paperwork I needed to get my visa in hand.

Chris, the lead TEFL instructor, has decades of teaching experience. He displays the methods he uses when instructing others on how to teach. Even the grammar lessons were engaging and surprising quite interesting. His teaching method, which is a workshop-based approach, is an excellent example of how to be a great teacher.

The course was more intensive and challenging than I expected, but Vantage motivated and supported me every step of the way. Especially in our observed practice teaching sessions. Throughout the course, we were always engaged and motivated by the camaraderie and energy in the classroom.

We also learned about Thai culture and language from Ryan. We also discussed what you can and can't do in a Thai classroom, which I found very beneficial.

In the last week of the program, I got a lot of help in job support and interview coaching. Vantage went above and beyond to help students with resumes, cover letters, and other job-related needs.

Vantage had it all—in one highly professional package.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Completely Supportive TEFL Training

I read a lot of TEFL program renews to learn who was truly good at training new teachers
In my initial conversations with Vantage, I was given a full run down of the course as well as important information on where to stay and what I could expect during the one month course.

Throughout the course, Vantage was completely supportive. Their lead trainer is very competent and professional. I learned new techniques like the ESA teaching approach. Other things like grammar (not one of my favorite subjects) were explained in a completely new way that I could easily understand.

What I liked best about Vantage were the observed teaching practices. The feedback and guidance I got really gave me the teaching skills I now have. I felt more confident after each teaching session. I was also more motivated to prepare even better lessons.

Vantage also gave me an overview of Thai culture and what I should do—and shouldn’t do—when teaching Thais. It was very useful for me during my teaching sessions and I’m sure during my teaching career.

If you are looking for a professional class TEFL course, Vantage will teach you how to teach, and they will support you every step of the way.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Truly Professional Class Training

I firmly recommend Vantage TEFL Thailand. It’s a top-ranked program, and it showed as they always went the extra mile for me.

Their In-Class course is a 4-week intensive program and it’s very detailed and carefully directed by the lead trainer Chris.

It is a bit of work. Having said that, the classes were always engaging and the time just flew by. Our observed teaching practices were the most intensive part of the course—especially the first few lessons. But I was amazed by how well I knew how to manage my way around a classroom by the end.

I’m now confident to teach anyone anywhere!

Vantage also provides a great orientation for those new to Thailand's cultural settings and language.

Vantage also offered me great job services. I worked with them in creating my own Power Resume and I had a number of job offers within two weeks of graduation before choosing my current school.

Vantage truly is an efficient, world-class program for anyone dreaming about starting a teaching career in Thailand. I can recommend Vantage without hesitation and I can say that it would be one of the best decisions you ever made.

  • Truly a personalized approach to training
  • They work with you until you are ready for the classroom.
  • The make parts of teaching that I thought were boring--like grammar--interesting.
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Yes, I recommend this program

A Teacher is Born

While doing research for Thai-based TEFL course providers, I came across Vantage. What immediately caught my attention was the number of awards that they have won, In particular, I was very impressed by their recognition for being the best global TEFL provider in 2018 and 2021.

Diving deeper, I got in touch with them to understand what makes them tick. All my questions were handled promptly and I learned how the course would be conducted and the type of teaching practices I would do to get real-life hands-on teaching experience to non-English speaking students.

Apart from their teaching training lessons, Vantage also includes their ‘foreign language experience’ where they explain local Thai culture in basic Thai language lessons.
Vantage’s 1-month course was intensive. Nevertheless, I was always engaged and motivated to be able to put the things that were taught—and I was coached on—into my observed teaching practice sessions.

The post-course follow-up by Vantage—much of it focusing on job service skills such as resume creation and interview skills—is something you won’t get with other providers. Vantage is very detailed in helping you prepare for a career in teaching.
I would highly recommend Vantage to anyone who is looking to teach in Thailand.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My Highest Recommendation

I strongly recommend Vantage to anyone interested in getting a TEFL certification.
I just completed my In-Class training and I am extremely satisfied with the outcome.

I now have the teaching skillset—and importantly the confidence—to teach English as a foreign language to anyone anywhere.

Lead trainer Chris is an excellent teacher with a couple of decades of experience teaching overseas. His comments of my lesson plans help me do a better job at preparing for my classes and improving my teaching skills.

Our subsequent observed teaching practices were a key factor in us learning what we needed to do to be a good teacher. The feedback that we got after each of our teaching sessions was instrumental in making the next class even better.

Vantage’s Jobs Coach sat with me in developing my Power Resume that was specifically targeted to the teaching profession. We were also coached in job interviewing techniques and we formulated a personalized strategy to approach the Thai education market.

The entire team at Vantage was fully supportive and was always willing to accommodate me—even after the actual course had finished.

If you’re looking to start a new career in the teaching profession, these are the people you should be talking to.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Simply the best

While there are many TEFL training schools out there, it wasn’t easy to find the right fit and a reputable course that met all my needs. My goal was to find a program that would guide me on to become a successful English language teacher.

My research let me to Vantage and I dove deeper after I discovered they were the highest rated TEFL provider in Thailand. I then communicated with course director Kevin. He was very accommodating, and answered every question I had about TEFL, Thailand, and career opportunities the certification could bring me.

During the month long course, the lead trainer Chris introduced the ESA teaching method. He did a fantastic job in presenting a lot of new teaching theories and techniques in a manner that was always engaging and even fun. Although the course was four weeks, it felt a lot quicker because of how exciting each and every lesson was. And after each class, I felt more prepared to get out in the world and make my teaching dream a reality.

Vantage didn’t stop with just making me into the effective teacher I am today. After I received my TEFL Certificate, Kevin worked with me one on one to formulate my Power Resume so that I could stand out in a crowd of applicants within seconds. In addition to being coached on job techniques, they networked me through the agencies Vantage works with and the numerous schools that contact them for newly minted teachers. The Vantage TEFL certificate opened up a lot of doors and opportunities. What’s great in my case is that certificate will be a key tool I can use both overseas and in my home country (USA). Vantage’s TEFL program is truly world class, and it has allowed me to land great paying teaching jobs worldwide.

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Yes, I recommend this program


The online course was the best option for me to complete the first step in becoming a teacher due to the pandemic. It was the best career changing decision so far in my life. I was met with the professionalism of and after a couple of interviews and emails I got the confidence and signed up. I have to say the guys over there are unique, each with their own special skills and character who ultimately build up a marvelous team that produces quality.
The course itself is intense, demanding yet very rewarding. Even though I committed all my time for about a month I had a smile on my face every single day and never felt any stress. The energy of the students combined with the professionalism of the Vantage staff played a key role for that. They introduce the content in an easy to understand manner and reinforce it with practice.
One thing that’s worth noting is that all questions are addressed and answered properly! I should also mention that there are special days (fun days as I like to call them) when we talk about Thailand, its culture, people and even language was also something special. You won’t find a better place that will introduce you to Thailand and even teach you some Thai.
The practice teaching environment is very accommodating especially for first time teachers. I was lucky to teach Thai nurses who were the loveliest students one could wish for. Thanks to Chris’s training I was able to feel appreciated by my students. That was a feeling I will never forget!
Finally I want to once again emphasize the positive attitude of all the Vantage TEFL staff. The guys work with their hearts and really care about what they’re doing. It’s no wonder that they are one of the best in the world.
So, to anybody who’s still wondering after this I say – if teaching is what you want to do, be brave and just go for it.

What was your funniest moment?
When one of my students loved my classes so much that at the end said she loved me in front of the whole class.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Loving My Time

I recently completed Vantage’s TEFL program and I was amazed by the whole experience!

Kevin, Chris and Ryan are great trainers and really know what they are talking about. You cover literally everything that you would ever need to know to be successful in the classroom. I learned how to craft lesson plans and manage a classroom.

The trainers are super approachable, and most importantly, patient! They are more than happy to help you in any way possible. This was very true in my observed teaching practices. I got great feedback after each teaching session and I gained more and more confidence with each class I taught.

Vantage is super flexible as well. I fell ill whilst on the course and they supported me on completing the course even after I had to temporarily return home.

I absolutely loved my time on the course.

If you are like me and want to embark on a new career as an English teacher, I could not recommend Vantage enough.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Above and Beyond

The course was miles beyond what I expected. Firstly, the lead course instructor makes the course entire extremely interesting—even when talking about grammar—a subject I found super dull as a student.

This TEFL course is intensive as advertised. But here I had no problems as I found if you keep on top of the materials presented, you’ll get your head around it.

My teaching practices were the part where I was initially most nervous. But again, Vantage’s trainers were always there every step of the way to reassure and that kept building my confidence. Vantage’s practicum was probably the most important part of the course as it was here that my teaching skills were developed and it prepared me for real-life teaching as it built my confidence.

Vantage’s job services were also great. Their jobs coach showed us how to build resumes and cover letters and we also covered interviewing techniques to get schools interested in you. I was interviewing with multiple schools the first week out the door.

Vantage was an amazing experience. It is a definite recommendation for anyone looking to build a career teaching overseas.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Five Stars TEFL Program

I had come halfway around the world to find a new career in a country I had never been to before and in a job I have never done. I knew that one of the first things I had to do—if I was going to be a good teacher—was to have the right skill set to be successful in the classroom.

That meant that a TEFL certification for me was a big part of my plans and I wanted to be trained by the best.

Thailand was also completely new to me, so I decided to do my teacher training in my adopted country, so I could begin to learn the culture at the same time.

This TEFL was as advertised. They told me to expect four weeks of intensive study. But I was surprised to discover the more I learned about being a teacher, the more engaged I became and the time just flew by.

The grammar lessons by Vantage’s lead trainer were fabulous. This really surprised me as I didn’t like grammar at all in school. As an American, I’m sure my English probably improved by this course!

They even covered the dos and don’ts of what to do in a Thai school. This orientation in cultural issues is something I would never have gotten if I had done my TEFL back home.

But it was in the classroom where I really developed my skills through Vantage’s observed teaching practice sessions. Here, what I learned as a TEFL trainee, was transformed into the teaching skills I will need to be successful in the classroom.

I really cannot say enough about Vantage’s instructors. Their professionalism and competence—and the fact that they had my back every step of the way—made this course transformational for me.

Vantage meet and exceeded my expectations consistently throughout their four-week TEFL course.

I would highly recommend Vantage to those who want to become as successful English instructor and teach anyone anywhere.

Vantage is five stars all the way.