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Why choose Volunteering India?

Volunteering India provides safe, affordable and meaningful volunteer programs in India, with the aim of making an impact in the lives of the underprivileged ones.

We offer a vast variety of programs, cultural exchange programs, internships, gap year programs in India, where volunteers can choose to work in New Delhi, Palampur/Dharamshala. Our choice of programs include working at ChildCare Center, Women Empowerment Programs, Healthcare/ Medical internship programs, Teaching English, Summer Volunteer Programs, Street Children programs and much more.

We also provide Short Term Volunteering Programs to those who have just 2 weeks in hand and want to explore India while engaging in some kind of philanthropic work.

We provide volunteer work and internships in India to international students, gap year travelers, people looking for a career break as well as to families and corporate groups from around the world who are eager to come and help in India.


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Yes, I recommend this program

Great expetience, great program

I have completed the medical internship at Moolchand hospital in Delhi on december 2018.
It was exciting to come to a different country and to be welcomed by such a wonderful staff!
Everything was great and thought ahead so nothing was missing, and no safety problems at all! The orientation day is really focusing about traditions, what you should or shouldnt do, abd givesa perspective about tourist places you must visit while in Delhi.
Probably was more fun, social and interesting if there were more volunteers at the same period of time or at the same program, but even though- it was great!
About the medical internship- if you want to watch and learn- this is the place! You can "shadow" a doctor and see what they do. No "hands-on" opportunities, so it is less appropriate for medical interns and or graduates.

Overall, great experience, great program. Thank you!

Yes, I recommend this program

Gloria - Mini Break Program - Palampur - August 2016

Volunteering work was nice; for sure volunteering for more time is better cause you need the first week to settle down yourself!
Bobby (program coordinator) is a wonderful person, always taking care of volunteers needs; was very helpful even before my arrival; he is fun, became a good friend and made this experience unique!
Palampur is a very safe and relaxing place to live! Volunteering house is a very good accomodation.
I met a lot of new friends, a new culture; everyone was very welcoming and I felt home everywhere!
I'm sad I didn't take part to orientation week before going there, it would have been very interesting!

What would you improve about this program?
During the visits around (Golden temple, McLeod Ganj, sightseen around Palampur area etc...) there should be a guide explaining the story and meaning of what we are visiting.
Despite this I'm happy to have seen a lot of places around Palampur!

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Yes, I recommend this program

India 2016 summer pogram

aside from being an absolutely beautiful country where i made so many fond memories, i will always remember india as the place where my awareness of other ways of life grew tremendously. spending time in the slums of delhi made me realise that not only am i incredibly fourtunate but that even if i wasnt, there are still so many things to be happy about. the children in the school we volunteered in were so full of happiness and stories to share with me, which i adored. i have never been more inspired by a group of people than i was by those children and for that i am forever thankful. as one of the youngest members of our group of volunteers i feel i learned a lot about independence and responsibility, both from my surroundings and from other group members. it was interesting having so many nationalities all together and now i feel like i have new friends all over the world! this trip opened my eyes to so many opportunities that exist in the world and it has inspired me to travel as much as i can in the future. also, maybe most importantly of all, it has taught me things i never realised about myself, and i hope to be able to apply my newfound hope and open mindedness to my everyday life. thank you

Yes, I recommend this program

This was amazing!

I always wanted to do volunteering work in slums so when I heard of this program I knew I definitely wanted to go! I saved money for 2 years and it was really worth it.
When we arrived in Delhi the staff was waiting for us and they brought us to the house where we stayed. Every day the staff was so nice and friendly and the food was very tasty.
We went to a school in a slum. We went there by metro and walking, shankar was walking with us and I really liked to talk with him about his life and family. In the school we did some painting and we teached the children in English an math. Also we played a lot with the children. I loved it to be at the school and every day when we had to leave I felt really sad because I wanted to stay with the children. The children are so wonderfull, they have nothing but are so happy with every little thing they've got. The energy I got from the children was really special. I miss the children every day and I really want to go back to play and dance with them more!

We also went to a few temples and to the old centre of Delhi. I liked to see something of the city and it was really nice to see the temples and the different religions.

This trip was really impressive because everything in Delhi is so different and I never saw something like this before. I think this was a great opportunity to enlarge my view at the world and think about the big differences between my life and the life of persons who live in other places in the world. I really became aware of doing something I loved to do made so many people happy and I will never forget this.

Thank you so much!

What would you improve about this program?
I can't think of any. Everything was very well organised!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Wolfert Dalton 2016

We came as a group of 17 students ( 15- 17 years) with 2 teachers to work in Delhi at some schools. We do this every year.
We stayed in two houses.
They were clean and well equiped.
Every morning breakfast was provided by Shankar en Rameesh. We were also escorted to the schools, and picked up during lunch and at the end of the day where they also provided dinner.
In short words : we were in good hands, safe and sound. Allways joyfull and helpfull. They took care of the sick students. The food was excellent.
In the meanwhile there was a very diverse cultural program, well organised.
I have only positive facts to mention and i would recommend other school to join this program.

Love and respect to all workers of the organisation and the schools.
mr Robert


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