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Volunteers Peru

Volunteers Peru is a small grassroots NGO based in the city of Arequipa in the Andes of southern Peru. We are currently working in partnership with two projects where volunteers can make a positive contribution to the local community. The first is a home for girls at risk in Arequipa; the second is a public school in the village of Tomepampa, Cotahuasi Canyon.

We are committed to helping the children that we work with to fulfil their personal and educational needs and to promoting cultural exchange and mutual understanding. Long and short-term opportunities are available. Both projects are greatly in need of support.

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Loved my time there! Would highly recommend this program!


I spent 2 weeks volunteering at Casa Hogar Torre Fuerte in October 2017 and my only regret is that I couldn't stay longer! The staff at Volunteers Peru (Marita, Megan, and Sarah) are truly amazing women and it was such a joy to get to know them. They are kind, friendly, and very knowledgeable about Peruvian culture. If you have any questions before or during your trip, don't hesitate to ask them!

As a first-time solo female traveler, I was a little nervous about safety, but I felt completely safe in Arequipa and especially staying at Honey House.

I would recommend learning as much Spanish as you can before you go, but don't let your lack of Spanish prevent you from going. I do not speak Spanish but I was still able to play with the girls and make bracelets with them.

Casa Hogar is less organized than a lot of programs in the United States, so staying flexible is key. Volunteers Peru has some supplies (craft items, coloring books, etc.) that you can bring to the house, but if you want to do something specific you will need to bring the supplies.

Overall I would highly recommend this program. You have mornings and weekends free to explore Arequipa, and what better way to spend your weekday afternoons than impacting girls' lives? Not only will they be blessed by you, but you will be touched by them. Exploring the world and immersing yourself in other cultures will change, shape, and grow you. Do it!

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Anna Magdalena

I wish I stayed longer !!


I really enjoyed the friendly and women only atmosphere of Volunteers Peru. I really appreciate how every volunteer can be himself, is accepted just the way they are ; nobody is pushed to do something they don't feel like doing. It's also a great opportunity to learn and practice Spanish in an easy going way with kids ;)
And of course I loved the girls at Casa Hogar, they are so giving and rewarding, it is a true exchange. Yes you give your time but you receive so much in return ! So if you're hesitating, don't, go for it, you won't regret !!

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What a Wonderful Experience


If you are trying to decide whether or not to do this program, I have two words of encouragement, DO IT!

The opportunity to practice Spanish, experience different cultures, and become a better global community member are just several of the opportunities you are exposed to when you volunteer with Volunteers Peru at Casa Hogar Torre Fuerte.

I volunteered with this group for two weeks in September 2017. The entire staff is incredibly supportive and caring. Arequipa is a beautiful city. The girls you get to work with are kind and loving. I connected with and made new friendships with people from all around the globe. I couldn't imagine a better volunteer experience.

Thanks Volunteers Peru!


Everything I wanted it to be


I stayed in Arequipa and worked with Volunteers Peru for two months in June and July 2017.
I had a fantastic experience in the girls home where I felt welcome from the first minute due to the enthusiasm and kindness of the girls.
When I started looking for programmes to go abroad with I was worried about finding the right organisation to go with, that would make me feel safe and I wanted a small organisation so that I wouldn't get lost in masses of volunteers.
Volunteers Peru was in that sense the perfect organisation for me. At most we were 7 or 8 volunteers and the whole organisation felt like a family environment. Marita and Megan, who work in the office, were always available for us to contact and we had a really close and good relationship with them which made it easy to settle in and feel comfortable throughout my stay.
When I went to Peru I spoke very little Spanish, which in itself wasn't the biggest problem as I was eager to learn more, but I think it is a lot easier if you go and speak a decent amount of Spanish as it makes it easier for you to communicate with people.
I have now been back home for a couple of weeks and I miss Arequipa and the project as well as the people I met durning my stay. It has been a fantastic experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

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Volunteers Peru en el hogar torre fuerte


Translated from Spanish:
My experience with working with the organization was beautiful.
At all times I felt accompanied and supported by the project workers. I felt very well.
My work or activities with the girls were beautiful. I felt very good developing with them.
My reflection throughout the entire process was "it is more what we receive than what we give" I felt very at ease. This experience is totally recommended. Would do it again if I could.
Girls have a beautiful energy despite their reality and give a lot of love

Original Review:
Mi experiencia con el trabajo con la organización fue hermosa.
En todo momento me sentí acompañada y apoyada por las trabajadoras del proyecto. Me sentí muy bien.
Mi trabajo o actividades con las niñas fueron hermosas. Me sentí muy bien desenvolviéndome con ellas.
Mi reflexión durante todo el proceso fue "es más lo que recibimos que lo que damos" me sentí muy a gusto. Es totalmente recomendable esta experiencia. Lo volvería a hacer si pudiera.
Las niñas tienen una hermosa energía a pesar de su realidad y dan muchísimo amor

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