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Worldwide Experience strives to conserve what man is fast destroying – our very own environment and ultimately our own planet. We are the specialists when it comes to wildlife conservation and offer scholars, students and the older generation the opportunity to work on some of the most incredible projects we are closely aligned with.

Our programs allow our volunteers the opportunity to work alongside wild animals and the interesting people that help ensure their survival. Working with very willing disadvantaged communities also forms part of the make-up of these incredible life enhancing programs. If properly educated and informed these communities can play an integral part in the overall well being of the environment.
Make your GAP YEAR, CAREER BREAK, and SUMMER CAMP or HOLIDAY a life-changing one for yourself and for those that you will ultimately be helping on the ground.


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Vets Go Wild was the best experience of my life! Working with lions, rhinos, giraffes, and multiple species of antelope was a dream come true. I value this experience more than anything so far as a veterinary student. It was the most hands on learning I have had and I learnt so much from the Ikhala veterinary team in only 2 weeks. I made friends from all over the world because we shared this emotional life changing thrill of our lives in South Africa. This experience made me realize how much is involved with conservation and the responsibility veterinarian’s have to contribute to endangered animals. Veterinarians are the key, a crucial role, for wildlife to be in our future. I think that is the most amazing role in life to lead. It was truely a once in a lifetime experience to meet and learn from Dr. William Fowlds and the Ikhala team who are on the front lines of conservation every single day. It has inspired me to hopefully take on that same role as a future veterinarian!

Yes, I recommend this program

I had the most amazing time with vets go wild! The trip exceeded all expectations and the amount of hands on experience I got was next to none. All of the Ikhala veterinary team and lodge staff were so helpful and friendly it made me feel so much more at ease throughout the entire experience.
From lions to giraffe to rhino; it is without doubt the trip of a lifetime... totally unforgettable!
I would say to anyone considering this course to not let the opportunity pass you by... it is well worth the price and will give you so many transferable skills for working in veterinary even outside of wildlife.

How can this program be improved?
It can’t! It’s amazing!
Yes, I recommend this program

If you are considering this course as part of your studies, just book it.

I have had the time of my life out in South Africa, working with some beautiful animals, and more importantly, some amazing people. The course is incredibly hands-on from day 1 - the combination of this and lectures really proved a great way to learn.
I did this at the end of my third year and found the level of clinical work within my abilities (with some guidance of course!), and there were others who were in lower years who felt the same.

I went out to South Africa thinking that it would be a lovely 2 weeks, but I didn't see myself as a wildlife vet. I thought I was quite keyed up on the conservation out there, but after visiting and learning about the poaching crisis and more, I really didn't have an accurate view of the situation. I have come away believing that I can (& I now want to be!) a wildlife vet, and I feel that I have the knowledge now to educate other people about the sad reality that the African wildlife are facing. I couldn't recommend this experience more- I truly had the time of my life out there.

How can this program be improved?
I think it could only be improved by letting us stay out there for longer!
Yes, I recommend this program

This was my first solo trip to South Africa and it was honestly the best experience! The course was incredible, no photos or words can do it justice; you learn so much so quickly, and all the staff are so helpful and friendly. I had only just finished 2nd year at vet school so I didn't have much practical experience, but that did not hold me back because the procedures on the animals are brand new to almost everyone so you are all in the same boat! I cannot recommend this course highly enough and I will be sure to return to this incredible game reserve one day, the work they do is phenomenal!

Yes, I recommend this program
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A fantastic experience and one which I'll never forget. I loved every second of it. Worldwide Experience were so helpful in making the trip run as smoothly as possible and if a problem did arise it was dealt with in a quick and professional manner. Both N/a'an ku sê and Neuras (Wine and Wildlife Estate) were great in making me feel very welcome and at home. I would definitely visit both of them again and would also use Worldwide Experience again.

Yes, I recommend this program


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