Teach English Abroad in Japan with Benesse BE Studio

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Yes! We currently have teachers from more than 35 countries. Just click the job posting link under "New Teaching Jobs" on our Go Overseas page, then find the "Apply Now" button for more details.

Yes, we are still accepting applications. However, please note that we have a long list of "stand by" teachers who have been offered a position 6-9 months ago, yet could not travel to Japan due to border control. Due to such, we can proceed with your interview whilst your expected arrival timing to Japan will be delayed. If you are interested to apply, please visit our website here →

Yes, we encourage any candidates with an ESL background to apply! A bachelor's degree is required to receive a work visa in Japan, but a degree in an educational field is certainly preferred.

Thank you for the inquiry. Yes, you are welcomed to apply for the position! The government requires a bachelor's degree or above for visa purposes.