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The answer is it depends entirely on which country you choose to teach in. I made a lot of money in China but it is not an easy place to live.

Well first you need to get a work visa and your family can come as Accompanying family members

I got the certification through ITA because I was going to study abroad. With a wife and son, I knew I needed to work while I studied. I finished the certification course in April and have been teaching English online since June. I would not have gotten these online opportunities were it not for the certification. This has been a wonderful option for me and my family.

I have a TEFL certification and I'm teaching at a wonderful language school in the far northeast of Russia.

My guess is that most organizations will require a non-native English speaker to demonstrate C1 or C2 proficiency in order to teach. I’m not sure what International TEFL Academy’s policy is on this.

Yes you can work in China. There are many South Africans that work here. Though to get a work Visa in China you need to have a degree in any major and sometimes have a TEFL. Though just because you do not have a degree doesn't mean you can't work there, but.... it sure makes it Legal to have one!

Hi, great question! (and congrats on all your achievements!) Unfortunately we don't have the resources to answer your question. We recommend contacting the provider directly, which you can do here:

Hi, thanks for stopping by! Unfortunately we don't have the resources to answer your question. We would recommend contacting your provider directly to find out! You can contact them through this link: