Could I stay in a country past the 6-12 month time there?

Posted by Corbin Blink 1 year 9 months ago

If I went to say, Germany to teach English there and ended up loving it more than any other country I had taught at, could I stay there past the 6-12 month contract? Possibly learning German while I was there and getting a job in a school there.


Yes, you could re-sign with the school you are teaching English at to stay for another contract term or find a new job and sign another 1 year contract. It will also depend on what type of visa your school is providing for the length of your term. That is something you should negotiate in your contract terms in the begining.

You can teach English abroad as long as you want, people do it for their entire lives in one place, others go from city to city or country to country. They are jobs, not assignments like the Peace Corp or military. The schools love it the longer a good employee stays just like any employer.