Travel Italy and Become TEFL-TP Certified with A.C.L.E.

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Hi! Thank you for your question. There are many opportunities to practice your Italian as Italian will be all around you. You can practise the language in your free time when you go out or when you travel. Moreover, tutors are hosted by Italian families who generally have a low level of English and this is a good occasion to improve your skills.

Hi Tom, The TEFL-TP certificate is unique in that it focuses on teaching through theatre and games. It is closely aligned to our curriculum, and has been developed to suit the nature of our summer camps. So, it focuses foremost on preparing tutors for this type of teaching environment. That being said, the program has been certified by the World TEFL Accrediting Commission, and ACLE itself is...

Yes, technically we look to recruit native English speakers. However if you are a near native English speaker and you have a high proficiency in English your application will be considered.

Once you receive your job offer, we normally ask you to confirm your flight details within 3 weeks time in order to secure your place at Orientations. Then we'll ask you to send us a copy of your flight receipt. After that time, if you have not been able to purchase your flight for any reason you should contact us.

It depends on the family you stay with and the town or city in which you are placed. Be open to differences in each place you are tutoring and try not to worry if at first it seems like you aren't happy with your situation because 1) there is most likely a miscommunication or misunderstanding; take time in a different conversation to bring up your concerns, expectations for outings etc. Ask for...

If you haven't found out already: it's definitely worth emailing the English Office, they always want new tutors and can be flexible on some deadlines if need be. And if you don't get to apply this year, I would definitely recommend you try again next year, it was an AMAZING opportunity, loved it so much last year :)

As I remember you get paid every 2 or 3 weeks or so? I'm pretty certain it isn't weekly at least... Maybe it's after the first 3 weeks of camps and every month after that? But it's not every week.

Ciao Victoria, You do not need an Italian work visa to apply. Your entry is part of a study programme. This means that if you are entering as a non-eu resident then you enter as part of your 90 day holiday visa (restricting you to 90 days). If you are entering from an eu country then you are free to enter and stay as long as you like.

Oh well I am 57, does that discount me. I asked if there were any restrictions, on age?