Do you have much free time when working with ACLE?

Posted by Jasmine O'mullane 4 years 11 months ago


You have plenty of free time on nights and weekends, but mostly you will be participating in activities that your host family has planned. Other tutors and camp directors also plan dinners or outings without the host families. Because of these two options, you should expect to spend most of your free time either with your host families or your fellow tutors/camp directors. However, if you're given a week off with no camp scheduled, you're free to travel and do whatever you like! I took a week-long trip to Budapest during the slow period in early August. I also spent some time off in Bajardo, which is a remote mountain location where ACLE will accommodate tutors for free.

Honestly, it depends how much "me-time" you need, and what the host families are like (some leave you to it and some want all your attention) but, personally i'm a lover of free time and all i wanted to do there was be out with my host families and eat gelato! You work 8:30-4:30 or 9-5 monday to friday and most days after work you will go out and explore/eat! & obviously have weekends to travel and enjoy the culture!
I couldnt flaw ACLE, best experience (so good I went back the following year) i dont know whos asking but do it!!

It honestly depends. All three of my host families were eager to show me around their cities so I never really had any free time during the week, but I didn't mind! You're working Monday to Friday from 8:30 to about 5 so you have weeknights and weekends free to roam around the cities or travel. Most host families keep in contact with other host families so you're going out with the tutors you work with at the camps. Weekends are the ideal time to travel. I stayed at two week camps so I was lucky to have the weekend in between them to travel (Saturdays are usually used for taking your train to the next camp). All in all, it's a great experience!

It depends on the family you stay with and the town or city in which you are placed. Be open to differences in each place you are tutoring and try not to worry if at first it seems like you aren't happy with your situation because 1) there is most likely a miscommunication or misunderstanding; take time in a different conversation to bring up your concerns, expectations for outings etc. Ask for free time but be respectful of who you are staying with and ready to come to a compromise between you and your host family's expectations. 2) you need time to take in your new situation each week and remember camps/host families can't be compared. What is expected or possible in one situation may not be in another. In the end communication and an open mind make each experience enjoyable and full of learning for you and families alike!