Did you get to practice your Italian much or did teaching English prevent you from learning yourself?

Posted by Sophia Maria Gray Majzub 1 year 1 month ago


Hi there!
Since you are living with italian host families, most of them speak very little english or really none at all. Therefore learning italian was very easy, because you had to force yourself to communicate with the family members!

So the I only picked up Italian from being around my host family and when exploring the Italian culture. The kids will also encourage and try to teach bits of Italian but whilst on camp we are encouraged to speak english to the children.

Since you will be speaking mostly english to teach those around you, practicing your italian will come in second of importance. Although, there are many opportunities you can take to practice on your free time! When you go out around the city on weekends and during your travel to the next camp. Italian will be all around you, try your best to learn from listening to sharpen your understanding.

Hi! Thank you for your question. There are many opportunities to practice your Italian as Italian will be all around you. You can practise the language in your free time when you go out or when you travel. Moreover, tutors are hosted by Italian families who generally have a low level of English and this is a good occasion to improve your skills.