Amerson Year - TEFL Course and Teach in China

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In your cover letter, we like to hear about why you are interested in the program and how you think this program will fit into your professional and personal goals! Your personal introduction on the application is the place where you can showcase a little more of your personality; the cover letter is a bit more formal.

Most schools provide a teacher's dorm on campus. If you're lucky, you'll get a place off campus. Often, schools will provide a card for you to have at least two meals a day at their cafeteria. If you choose to forgo the school's choice of housing and request one, say off campus when they want you to live on campus, you are given the option of having part of the apartment covered by the school...

Our group orientation for the majority of EAs takes place in Shanghai before participants head off to their host schools (EAs that will be arriving later can attend later orientations). Hotel accommodations are provided by Ameson.

AYC alumni here in my second year: Some EAs have taught in China and taken online graduate courses from their enrolled grad program in the USA. It's doable as long as you're committed and willing to put in the effort. You won't be able to be a student in Chinese university while working as an EA, but you could take business classes with a U.S. institution online and take Chinese classes in your...