Can I do this program and still take college courses?

Posted by Kaysie Moore 4 years 7 months ago

I would like to also study abroad at a university taking business and Chinese language. Will the language course provided be effective for me to speak fluently?


Several AYC alumni I know have done their year of teaching and then gone into graduate programs at Chinese institutions.

Also, AYC partner schools provide language instruction to interested EAs. Besides that, there is an online beginners course that AYC provides for free. Becoming fluent depends on your tenacity!

Because this is a full-time teaching position, you will not be able to simultaneously enroll at a university. As Adam mentioned, going to graduate school is something that many pursue after the completion of the program.

Becoming fluent in Chinese takes many years of consistent exposure to the language through instruction and/or living in China; while it's not realistic to become fluent after taking one course, it can certainly be helpful to jump start your language learning!

AYC alumni here in my second year: Some EAs have taught in China and taken online graduate courses from their enrolled grad program in the USA. It's doable as long as you're committed and willing to put in the effort.

You won't be able to be a student in Chinese university while working as an EA, but you could take business classes with a U.S. institution online and take Chinese classes in your host city.