Does the program cover housing?

Posted by Diamond Artis 4 years 3 months ago


I took a look at the website,, and they said the schools provide housing and food if you choose to live on campus! Hope that helps!

Yes, your school will provide housing for you.

Most schools provide a teacher's dorm on campus. If you're lucky, you'll get a place off campus. Often, schools will provide a card for you to have at least two meals a day at their cafeteria.

If you choose to forgo the school's choice of housing and request one, say off campus when they want you to live on campus, you are given the option of having part of the apartment covered by the school while you cover the rest. Two second year AYC alums decided to live together in a two bedroom off campus rather than again in their school dorms and were able to have part of the rent and utilities covered by the school.