How easy is it to find a job after the course?

Posted by Sarah Rivas 6 years 3 months ago


If you successfully pass the course, you will find plenty of teaching opportunities in Prague and elsewhere. I completed the TEFL program in March 2015 and found work immediately in The Czech Republic. The Language House has a great reputation as a school and this gives you a considerable advantage when looking for work. They also have a strong alumni community that has experience teaching all over the world. If you decide on TLH, expect attentive and professional staff who work hard to equip you with all the skills necessary to be a great teacher. Highly recommend them!

found it very easy to get a job in Prague after the TEFL at the Language House. I had three interviews the first week after the course and I got all three jobs. Most of my friends had a similar experience. Prague has so many language schools and they are usually hiring. This was in mid April. An even better time to look for jobs is in late August/early September, or in January when the terms start. But like I said, I had no trouble finding work mid semester. Outside of the Czech Republic might be more difficult, but the Language House has helped people find work in places as far away as Korea.