Is TEFL certificate useful in the USA at all?

Posted by Emi Coleman 6 years 2 months ago

Hello. I live in the US, married to a US citizen. I'm here as a permanent resident, and I'm a citizen of Japan. I love English and teaching, so even though my undergrad majors were different from education or language, I want a certification in the field. I'm most interested in teaching English in a corporate setting. I would love to live abroad, etc, but my husband wants to stay in the US at least for another few years. I am very interested in this program in Prague, but if I come back to the US, will I be able to get a job in this field with a TEFL certificate? I know that it is not the same as TESOL. What about in a school setting?


Unfortunately, TEFL certification is not particularly useful in the States. Most schools and companies here don't seem to understand what it is. ESL companies here tend to look for DELTA certification or a teaching license with ESL credential for their teaching staff. However, skills that you acquire during this program (and teaching abroad) are very helpful in persuing teaching at home.