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Hi Cazedi, Unfortunately the Korean government requires people to have a BA in order to get a working visa.

HI Leila, There are only 7 countries that South Korea will grant teaching visas to. They are: Canada, the US, the UK, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. If you are not a citizen of one of these countries, there unfortunately is no chance for you to get a teaching visa for Korea.

Hi Angel, Yes, we are still active :) I don't see your application, so please feel free to submit it again here: https://www.travelandteachrecruiting.com/apply-now/

Hi Alicia, You only need to have a Bachelor's degree in order to teach in Korea, so age isn't a factor.

Hi Princess, Yes, we are still placing teachers in our schools in Korea. Things are different due to Covid, but there are specific protocols in place. Things are therefore running as usually as they can be. You can read more about teaching in Korea during the Covid crisis here: https://www.travelandteachrecruiting.com/safe-to-teach-engl…

Hi Gianni, In order to obtain a working visa to teach in Korea, teachers are screened and asked if they have any medical issues. If they do, they will not be granted a visa. I'm sorry to inform you that HIV is something that would prevent you from obtaining a working visa as per immigration rules.

Hi Mila, Schools are usually not in favor of teachers bringing their pets as they rent the apartments and landlords usually do not want tenants with pets. The other reason is that you will have to leave your dog on its own for hours at a time, which can be problematic to your neighbors. That being said, we do have some schools that are open to pets so there may be some options, depending on when...

Hi Taryenna, Unfortunately, our schools are not set up to accept teachers who wish to bring their children as there are no schools that they could be attending while the parent is at school teaching. Lessons at local public schools are all taught in Korean, so children from other English speaking countries would not be able to attend.

Hi Colette, For the most part, teachers are on their own. This may seem daunting, but teachers are trained during the training period once they arrive at the school, so they are fully knowledgeable as to what they need to accomplish in the classroom. The students are also at a level of English where they will understand you and the lessons, so there really isn't a need for a Korean teacher. This...

Hi Dan, You can read this article which outlines all of the required documents to teach English in Korea: