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Hi Martin, the course is available to anyone who is in the country and able to attend.… Entry to many countries is difficult at the current time. Please check for up to date information from the embassy/consulate of any country that you wish to visit.

It really depends on who you are teaching and where. TEFL/TESOL courses provide teaching methods and resources for teaching English to speakers of other languages. A BA Education will be a requirement if you are teaching English in an English speaking country.

Hi Steve, you can apply for the jobs that you want after completing one of our courses. Our admin staff will assist you to find a range of employers, recruiters, and schools.

Hi Bryan, the only language required in the classroom is English.

The EFL market in Japan is very competitive, especially in larger cities. Since your major isn't English, it might be hard to find a position without a TEFL certificate. Also keep in mind that teachers with a TEFL receive higher salaries and also have access to jobs at more renowned schools.

Our local staff in Japan will certainly help you find accommodation during the course. You can choose between a couple of options for different budgets.

I have never worked in a private school (Eikaiwa), but I think I would be optimistic if looking to work here because of the ever-increasing growth in the English industry. I would use to search for work, and I would also try contacting big eikaiwa firms like Berlitz , COCO Juku , AEON, Gaba, and ECC...

There are plenty of eikaiwa around Japan and they post their ads online. I suggest checking out resources like Gaijin Pot. It’s not at all difficult to find job postings, however being selected for the job depends on your experience and what the individual eikaiwa is looking for. The TEFL Certification definitely helps your chances. I suggest doing research on the companies you are applying for...

It of course depends on how you want to live, but at minimum (in yen) you should expect something like: * 50k - 70k for a single room in a dormitory or someone's house * 250 per train/bus ticket - of course this varies, but if you don't travel far it should be around that value * 200 - 1000 per meal - depending on your requirements - a supermarket bento costs around 300yen On the subject of food...

Hi Kaye, Passport holders from the UK, the US, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand wishing to enter Japan are generally granted a ‘Landing Permission’ at any airport in Japan