ITTT TEFL Course in Japan
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ITTT TEFL Course in Japan

ITTT’s in-class TEFL course in Tokyo puts you right in the heart of this vibrant and fascinating country. This thoroughly modern city provides top class shopping, dining and entertainment alongside a unique culture and history. Our four-week TEFL course will equip you with the skills you’ll need to teach effective and interesting English lessons. Our dedicated trainers are with you every step of the way as you complete your training; from instruction on the finer points of English grammar to help with your lesson planning. Our lifetime job placement assistance and internationally recognized teaching certificate will help you find work whether you decide to stay in Tokyo or move on to somewhere new after graduation.

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It of course depends on how you want to live, but at minimum (in yen) you should expect something like: * 50k - 70k for a single room in a dormitory or someone's house * 250 per train/bus ticket - of course this varies, but if you don't travel far it should be around that value * 200 - 1000 per meal - depending on your requirements - a supermarket bento costs around 300yen On the subject of food,...
Hi Kaye, Passport holders from the UK, the US, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand wishing to enter Japan are generally granted a ‘Landing Permission’ at any airport in Japan

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Program Reviews (63)


Stephenson Bryan Review


A Very good experience. A perfect balance between theoretical and practical courses. Dynamic and very interesting courses delivered by very attentive teachers. You are really trained to become a teacher. An assistance is provided at all times if you need help during the program. With your certification you will be able to teach, travel, live and work abroad with an international TEFL certificate.
Thank you very much for this wonderful experience.

How can this program be improved?

Start the courses at 9 am :) ^^

24 years old
Montana State- Bozeman

Amazing Month


The class overall is great and worth the investment. There are many scheduled times in the course where you practice teaching English, from a Kindergarten (1x), university (1x), and adults (4x). The teaching experiences are very enlightening and helpful to "get your feet wet".

Atmosphere was positive and Dave + Larry (the current instructors) are very experienced. Be ready to do some homework now and then for the class.

How can this program be improved?

The final test could be altered a little bit. I would say more teaching experiences, but that would be very difficult due to so much crammed into the four weeks already.

26 years old
United States
University of California- Santa Barbara

A great support system


I couldn't imagine taking a TESOL course anywhere else. Larry and Dave made this month go by quick and painlessly. Not to mention for only a months worth of instruction, I feel I have a solid foundation for teaching under my belt. Larry and Dave were a constant pillar of support, helping with anything from the course, to getting adjusted to Japanese culture to finding employment after the course. They helped refine the English skills I had already possessed into approaches better suited for teaching English as a foreign language. We were even given the opportunity to have practicum experience. We taught at a preschool, a woman's university, as well as one on one and group lessons (some of us). Overall, it was a great experience. If you're considering taking a TEFL course abroad, you can't go wrong with the Tokyo course. If you take it seriously, and take advantage of all the resources provided you'll get a lot out of it.

How can this program be improved?

More pre-course instruction.

1 week hence
United States

Excellent Course!


A fantastic course! The course is intense, and involves a lot of work, but it's completely worth it!
The hands-on teaching experiences are some of the best parts of the class. You will be able to use the concepts and principles that you learn and apply them in real world teaching environments.

The instructors are excellent too. Larry and Dave truly care about their students' success. They go out of their way to help you learn and understand what you need to know. They truly make sure that you are equiped for teaching English as a second language.

Top notch course ! Top notch instructors! Great experience!


No regrets


By far the best course that I have ever taken my entire life! Instructors were very funny, helpful, and enthusiastic about what they do. Lots of materials available for student usage and reference. Plenty of opportunities for students to develop their creative skills and become their own unique teacher through lessons with students of different ages and backgrounds. Just be ready for the challenge because it will be intense! But everything will be worth it in the end with the friends that you will make, the lessons that you will learn (and plan!), and the amount of delicious Japanese food and drinks you will consume during lunch!


Wonderful experience!


It was a wonderful experience that provided a lot of hands-on classroom experience. We had the opportunity to work with everyone from toddlers to adults. The training was great for experienced and non-experienced teachers alike, and our coaches were lively and knowledgable. I learned so much about English and English teaching, and our instructors were very helpful in making sure we could leave the corse ready to teach in Japan. They offered a lot of helpful feedback to help us along the way. Would definitely recommend to anyone thinking about TEFL Training!


Great Program!


TEFL INTL., Tokyo was such a different experience for me. The year before, I went to Japan for a study abroad program in Kyoto, but almost everything was provided for me, but this time, I felt like I really had to be independent. Larry and Dave are great instructors who love to joke around at times, but do know when to be serious. Their way of teaching is not like the conventional way. At first, I was not sold that this course would be worth it, because I felt like there was so little information about what to expect, but it ended up being worth while!
Both Larry and Dave have different ways of teaching, but their differences help, because it allows for trainees to learn about different methods of teaching. Both of them were always willing to help trainees with anything that they might be having problems with. They will stay after class to assist you in what you are having issues with.
I can't talk about if they helped me with getting a job, because I never had that conversation with them, but they are always willing to respond to emails and guide you in getting a job.
Overall would definitely return to Japan to visit them!

How can this program be improved?

Give students more info on what to expect.

33 years old

Excellent program


This is a very practical course that will equip you with knowledge and material to start teaching right away. If you are new to teaching and would like to work in Japan, this course is a great starting point.
Dave and Larry are great teachers with years of experience who are willing to share their knowledge of teaching and insights into Japanese culture. I believe I learned a lot about teaching just from observing them. They create are a very friendly, relaxed and supportive atmosphere. The course itself is intensive and well-organized with theory and teaching practice well combined.
Loved my month with Tokyo TEFL International.

How can this program be improved?

More teaching practice and observation.

30 years old
Danbury, CT
University of Massachusetts- Amherst

Excellent for a program for a month!


I really enjoyed my month long experience with Larry and Dave. They are both excellent teachers. They were both very supportive and informative. The classroom experience was invaluable.

I was a bit nervous by starting with ITTT because it seemed odd. But Larry and Dave are great, once you're accepted into the course you will be contacted as soon as possible and both are more than willing to help with any questions and concerns starting out.

The course is challenging for those wanting to learn and are willing to try. Even if you have experience, it is an excellent course to continue your education with.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to teach English abroad.

How can this program be improved?

I would have liked more classroom experiences and observations, but other than that the course was great.

Make it longer!

23 years old
Ball State University

Great experience!


Larry and Dave are great and really helpful with anything you need! The class allows plenty of support with papers, resume, cover letter, etc. My classmates were also very friendly and willing to help with feedback!

There's paperwork to do, but as long as you dont procrastinate it´s easy to finish on time with the allowed workshop days. I would highly recommend this to anybody who wants to teach in Japan!

42 years old

TEFL Course Experience


This course was a unique experience. I learned the teaching methods in a relaxing, stimulating and productive atmosphere. I realized how hard it is to be a good teacher. This course taught me how to relate to students. I realized how important it is to expose the students to a comprehensible input, personalizing the lesson, maximizing Student Talking Time, and don't worry about the errors. For students is important to use the language productively and receptively in a context, with the teacher as monitor. The lessons were very interesting and the teachers continually stimulated us. Practical experiences at a pre-school and at University were amazing.

24 years old

Nice experience


An intense course that gave me the opportunity to have teaching experiences as an one-on-one teacher, pre-school and university teacher. The instructors were friendly and highly supportive. A quiet and relaxing neighborhood: it doesn't give the feeling of being only 20 minutes away from Tokyo. Thanks to, I found a nice place to stay, near the school, so commuting didn't take more than 3 minutes. The best experience was teaching at the university: I had a lot of fun.

54 years old
Assumption College

My TEFL learning experience in Tokyo


The course was excellent. Coach Dave and Larry are wonderful teachers and mentors.
The subject matter was very well instructed. The actual teaching experiences were very useful and practical to what we were being taught in the classroom.
The school is located in a nice environment and in a quiet and peaceful community far enough from the busy city , making it an area conducive to learning.
The lessons i learned are valuable! I am grateful for the experience.

35 years old
San Diego, CA USA
University of Pennsylvania

Immense Value from this Little, Tiny, Itsy-Bitsy, One-Month Course


"Coach" Dave and Larry are fantastic instructors who go above and beyond in helping you when you need it. The month-long class went by fast, but I also felt like I learned several months' worth of how to be an effective English teacher. The instruction content included educational theory, grammar, and the phonetic alphabet; and our April class also gained invaluable hands-on teaching experience in a conversation school, a women's university, and a preschool. The experience was indeed intense, but fun as well in a great neigborhood! Highly recommended!

How can this program be improved?

I would have (also) liked a more predictable lunch schedule.

Joselene Anne
39 years old

TEFL course April 2017


Larry and Dave are such wonderful teachers. I have learned a lot from them. They have taught me how to approach certain situations when it comes to teaching and also different techniques and strategies they have shared in our class. I don't remember any dull moment in our course. My most memorable one was when we taught in Kobato pre school. I love kids and I really had an amazing time singing songs, telling stories and laughing with them.
I also look forward to our Mizumoto park trips to have our lectures for the day there. April is the Cherry Blossom month! And learning in the park with all the cherry blossom trees around me was such an unforgettable experience. I'm lucky to have had awesome friends in the course also!!!
We even did karaoke night to celebrate for all the hard work we have done :)

29 years old

Best experience ever!


The reason why I wanted to get this certificate is so I could travel around the world teaching, specially in Asia, and doing it in Tokyo was the best decision I have ever taken. I just finished the course and I already got several opportunities to teach in South East Asia! So if you like teaching and want to travel, this is a great way of doing it! You will learn a lot during the course, but the best part is that you actually get to put it into practice with kids, several one on one teaching sessions, and an english class at a college in Shinjuku. I really I learned a lot from Larry and David, I have already caught myself a couple of times in a conversation using the terminology I learned in the course.

The school is lovely as well as the whole crew. The neighborhood is gorgeous and it has an amazing park just a couple of blocks down. There are several convenience stores, delicious and very affordable ramen right around the corner, and the most incredible bakery to satisfy your sweet tooth! I stayed at Larry's house which is 5 minutes away walking. It is extremely comfortable and Yuko, Sean and Larry will make you feel at home.

Prepare yourself for a lot of learning, good laughs and amazing memories :)!

How can this program be improved?

There is nothing to improve, the course really exceeded my expectations!

25 years old
University of Hawaii- Manoa

TEFL International, Tokyo = Awesome


I recently completed the TEFL International course based in Tokyo. The experience overall was very rewarding and I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to become a TESOL certified instructor. The classes really help you get a much firmer grasp of the English language while giving you the necessary tools to build your confidence as a language instructor.
Larry and Dave are both very generous and encouraging instructors. They make it easy to ask questions and learn at a comfortable pace. The support received from the school is also very welcomed, especially for someone new to teaching. Overall, I rate this course highly and recommend it to anyone looking for a TESOL certification.

29 years old
Lees Summit, Missouri

TEFL Tokyo For The Win


Have you ever wanted to visit Japan?
Have you been considering getting into teaching?
Have you ever wanted to study abroad?

If you answered "YES" to any of the questions above then here is your opportunity.

To choose a path means to miss out on others. So how do we know which path to take? Will we make the right choice? You have a whole life to live and it's easy to think that in the future we might regret a choice we made now. But when we are afraid to commit ourselves and instead want to follow all possible paths we so often end up following none. To not make a decision is a decision in and of itself.

6 months ago I came upon 2 paths. I could have spent weeks or even months weighing the pros and cons of each. Instead, I made a spontaneous decision and choose the path less traveled. Now looking back that made all the difference.

This course and the people you meet along the way will change your life.

How can this program be improved?

Offering a 4-week teaching practicum after completion of the course. This would allow for new teachers to get more hands-on experience while receiving feedback from supervising instructors. This is not something that I would consider as "necessary" but it would increase the quality and confidence of those teachers who will be entering new classrooms.

25 years old
Menifee, California

Incredible experience with phenomenal staff!


This class was a very memorable and informative experience. The instructors, Larry and David, were remarkably helpful and patient with the students, always willing to assist us in any way possible. The teaching experiences at the elementary school and at the university were enlightening and educational experiences for us, giving us useful information on how to improve ourselves as students. Highly recommend this course to anyone looking to get their TESOL certification or for anyone trying to improve their knowledge on the English language. You will not be disappointed.

How can this program be improved?

Difficult to recommend any way to improve. I understand that time is quite limited for the amount of information that the instructors have to teach, but it would be great for there to be more time practicing with elementary and university students. Those experiences provided immediate and tangible feedback for my teaching style and i immediately learned how i need to improve. The class is great as it is, and i understand why the schedule is organized the way it is.

26 years old
Nutley, NJ
Rutgers University

It was worth it


When people are trying to find an educational program, it's really hard to determine if the program is actually worth the time and money. I was debating this when I signed up for the TEFL International course in Tokyo and I came to realize that it was definitely worth it. The teachers' methods are all about communicate language teaching as opposed to strictly teaching grammar rules and formulas, and they really helped us to look at teaching from the students' point of view. Aside from covering all the topics that are essential to teaching English, the teachers themselves were kind, friendly, passionate about teaching, and genuinely interested in helping their students succeed. I really enjoyed this class and am so grateful to Larry and Dave for their lessons and support. I've yet to apply for jobs, but the course has provided me with everything I need: teaching strategies, experience to discuss with potential employers, my own lessons plans and activities to present at interviews, and of course, a valuable certificate. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in teaching English anywhere in the world!

How can this program be improved?

More experience and classroom observations if possible!

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